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Laid Out

Ok so to be honest now that I have started sixth form I have actually lost all the enthusiasm to write tutorials and reviews and shit like that... maybe it's cos I actually have something to do now or maybe its cos I am a lazy bum... I dunno. But I am probably not going to be doing everything in the layout. I will definitely be keeping the song of the weeks, and probably Wednesday's post, and Saturday's and oh yeah Monday's too. But not... Tuesday's, Thursday's or Friday's because they're just so much effort. Maybe now and then I'll do something for them but not for certain. 

Oookey so 6th form has actually been pretty wicked these last few days. It's really good having so much freedom! I got my official timetable today - check it out:

If you can't read the little writing then basically, Pink =Geography, Red =Welsh Bac, Yellow =Biology, Blue =Chemistry. Then the dashed out periods our free lessons study periods ;) and then the tutorials are white :D I have 14 free lessons, that's good right... out of 50 lessons :\ Oh man. The two weeks are practically the same except I have one less Welsh Bac and one less chemistry on week 2. I think I like my timetable. Except Thursday... Thursday is going to be a bad day I can tell. But anyway so yeah I am enjoying sixth form, still find it weird spotting my brother walking round school (he joined year 7) I need to buy some more clothes tho... and some more nail polish x) Of course ;D Ok well... That's all I have to say really... Speak tomorrow :D X

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