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Nada Nothing Zilch

Man I have literally given up on posting anymore.... So anyways. I bought nada this week. Apart from a crackle polish on the way back from chilling in Central library with a mate. Uumm... yesterday I painted my nails Blue Moon by Barry M and here is a lil pic check it out: 

Omg this is such shit quality D: It's the best photo of them xD cos I took the photo this morning and so it's using artificial lighting whereas I usually use the day light to take my photos, but yeah anyway you can make out the colour or what ever. So yeah and theeen like just 10 minutes ago I added a layer of the black crackle polish and here is the awesome outcome:

YAAAAAY!! It looks so awesome :3 I am so glad I finally got some crackle polish and I will be defo getting more colours x) I don't even stop to think how much money I am wasting spending on nail polishes... Oh well who cares, if I fail everything I'll just paint nails for a living... Might as well :P So yeah :D I also decided that tomorrow I am bringing all my nail polishes to school and im just gunna paint everyone's nails... xD Good fun! Speak soon maybe! X

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