Thursday, 15 September 2011


LOL guess what this post is going to be about ^-^ ... Nails. Yes I painted them again. This time silver ^U^ <- My super smiley face btw ;)

This is two layers ^ I would recommend you put like a white underneath... it might make it look a bit bolder. I would of but no shops have them :( So yeah... And then I thought what the heck and did something stupid ¬_¬ 

Yes thats right I thought it would look good putting a frigging purple spot on the pinky finger. It's ok I suppose but I just wish I hadn't -.- Oh well I'll probably change my nail colour in two days or less anyway ;D So this was a pretty sky this morning:

Naw its pretty. Those lines from plane something or others look so awesome. Looks like someone realised they were going in the wrong direction xD Yeah I am just gunna shut up.... Byeee X

Ooooh what the heck here's a gif cos my nails are so shiny :3

make a gif online
Make a gif online

Fair play my hand looks so weird xD Now byeee XP

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