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I am so hyped up right now I have like noooo idea why I am just so excited xD and happy :D omgomgomg so my friend (the beautiful rose stanton) told me about this AMAZZZZZZZING website called LOOKBOOK and I have heard about it before but basically I didn't know how AMAZING it actaally was :O So so so so so we both made accounts and omg omg omg and yeah and yeah and in the upcoming weeks and months and years (hopefully) we will be doing LOAADS of fashion shoots and just uploading the photos onto LOOKBOOK and get famous ini. :) :) ;) And also we made a blog that we share so we can both write in it, and basically it will be a more detailed version of our seperate LOOKBOOK accounts and show in more detail the fashion shoots and what not. So there is a link to it, which I will not give you write now because the blog is empty and it would be a bit pointless so you would be like what the fuck which i am sure some people are thinking already because yeah I know what people are like :D Because tbh right now i couldn't care less and and tomorrow I am going shopping :D :D :D :D So that is going to be fuck yeah awesome and I am going to buy a shit loads of clothes!!!!! YAAAAR. Ok I need to chill down O.O The nails I done yesterday kind of fucked up over night so one of the owls is kind of mangled, so I will change my nails soon when I buy more colours tomorrowwww and my link to ma LOOKBOOK is also somewhere along the right side of my blog jussst look for it! But that is also going to be pretty empty until hopefully Saturday when me and Rose will be doing our first shoot, which I actually have to find an outfit for.... So bye ^_^ MWAHMWAHMWAH

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