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I am back home!! So now, here it is. The complete story of my holiday DUN DUN DAAAAH! And a few photos and hopefully videos but not many cos I was a lazy bum :3

You may wish to pause the music playlist before reading this post as there are videos. 

Day 1

So this daaay... Hmm lemme remember oh yeah. So I didn't sleep at all this morning because I had to get up at 3AM to leave anyways so I just chilled on facebook and spoke to some friends and just wasted the time pretty much and then I went downstairs and had some breckfast and then we left in the car at around 4AM and I slept all the way to Bristol and then we waited around in the airport and then took the plane and then I slept for the most of the plane ride. And then we made it to Nice in France and went to go wait for the Ferry for a while.

Tired -.- Looking meh... My brother's face speaks for itself x)
On the bus out of Nice Airport by the way :D 
LOL, randomness ;D 
A Road...
The Port :D

Music Man

A.... Building of some sort ;D
Le Bateau
Or Something like that...

The Ferry We Got On :D 

And yeah this is just one of the few videos I shall put up... Unedited so excuse the stupid little parts :\
So then we got on the ferry and prepared ourselves for the very very long 6 hour ride -_-
What did I do on the ferry.... Uurm, slept for like an hour, ate some food.... When up on top deck and took some photos! ooooh ;D Har har here they are:

Cut myself on some door ¬_¬ Bled like fuck...
Bye bye Nice ;)
View from the top deck :D 
Waiting for my brother, so yeah I took a photo of myself ;D 
Theen we FINALLY made it to Corsica, and it was dark by then and we met up with Pascal (the person's house we were staying at) and all the other people who were staying at the house also (there was like... 4 other people) and then we got in two cars and drove for like an hour and a half all the way up to the house. Wait I'll get a map :D

Here we go. So we got off the ferry at BASTIA up at the top of the island. And we had to drive all the way to CALVI to the west. So yeah it took long :( And I got really car sick, but I didn't throw up or anything so it was all good in the hood. So yeah and then we got to the house and had a tour and omg it was huuuuge D: But I'll put up a little tour video up now. It's pretty shit mind because I didn't show you any of the downstairs or like the garden D: So meh de meh.

Day 2 

Soo I woke up bright and early this day and went downstairs and had a beastly breakfast, ok I'll show you the tour video now... And some photos :D

The video only shows like... 2 of the 3 floors. And not even half of the actual property. LOL, should of took a better film...

A view from my bedroom window. 
My bedroom (Half of it) ;D 
The stairs going to the downstairs/second floor
The upstairs bathroom
Another view from the window
Some of the back garden
Looking to the left of the window 
So yeah and then that morning, me, my mum and my brother went to go explore around and try to find a beach.

Crash Bash Smash
Where the Choo Choo Train Goes
Splish Splash Splosh

Big waves :3 It gets boring towards the end so spare yourself from watching it all, it's just me climbing steps :L
So theen... I think some time in the afternoon Pascal took us all to a proper beach near by and we went into the sea with some snorkles and like diving kit or w.e and I seen looaaads of fish it was ossum...

LOL at my brother... Gimp ;)
Its a beach ;o
Looks more over cast than it actually was ;D 
And theeen we had lunch or not... Can't really remember and then in the evening we went to.... a monolith something or other... Its basically a big shaped pillar looking rock that people can't figure out why it was shaped for or how it got there or why its there blah blah blah here's the pics :D

What a Star...

Casual Stroll
Everyone in this photo are the people who were staying in the house with us. You can just about see my brother's leg and I of course am taking the photo ;D 
And then we went to a near by town and walked around for a bit I think... And I seen this dog and he just tagged along while we walked around...


And then we went back to the house and ate food. OMG I need to tell you about the meals... The meals are sooo amazing. So much frigging food. I can't remember what I ate exactly but every meal we had was so big and yummy ^_^ So yeah and then I went to bed :D

Day 3

This day was rainy :( In the morning it was okey so I went to the beach with my parents and swam around in the sea and then in the afternoon we got on a train and went to this big mountain... Or like hill.. W.e ;D

And then we went to explore the town that the mountain or hill or whatever was by.

Day 4

No idea what I did this day... It was sunny again I think... I probably went to the beach in the morning, swam around... Theeen.... Uuum ._. What the hell did I do? I think we went to some town, oh I remember we went to this like town around 6ish in the afternoon and it had a really cool beach which was like really shallow for ages, so me and my brother and some other people went in the sea for a while until it got dark and then we went and bought some pizza and just went back to the house and ate it :D

Day 5 

Ok... So on this day... I went scuba diving again in the morning, and there was jelly fish in the sea!! So I was like swimming by them, it was so frigging scary cos I thought they were going to sting me :') But I didn't get stung, but they were so cool :3 Then in the afternoon we went to another beach that was really awesome. And I convinced my brother to come scuba dive with me so we went and swam around and found a bunch of fish and then we stayed until it was dark again and then headed back to the house and had a barbeque and pancakes. xD WHY NOT??! And then went to bed because the next day we would be leaving to go to Nice. I didn't take any photos because I was being a lazy bum :D

Day 6 

We left the house around 5.45 and had to take that awful car journey up to the port and I was soo close to being sick it was horrible. But then we made it and got on the ferry around 8. But it was really rocky so I felt sick again of course so I went to this lounge area and just slept for a while and then when I came back my brother was playing with this little kitten on the floor, so I just chilled with them for a bit and the kitten ended up sleeping on my lap ^_^ IT WAS SO CUUUTE

And then we got off the boat and went to find our hotel. Then I got changed into something shorter, because it was really sunny. And then we went out and explored Nice :D

And then me and my mum found this unbelievabley amazing ice cream shop with like 100 flavours and I am not even exagerating! They had like flower flavours, and every fruit flavour, and sweet flavours and like EVERY FLAVOUR EVER. And I chose chocolate ^_^ LMAO. And then we went back to the hotel and chilled for a bit and then went out and found somewhere to eat, and then we ate and went back to hotel quite late and then they had The Tourist (the film) on TV with french translation so I watched. And then I slept ;D

Day 7

Well I woke up around 6 again and went to go have breckfast I ate so much OMG! Then we took a bus to the airport, got on the plane around 10 and got to Bristol around 11.30, then drove aaalll the way back to Cardiff and I was home by 2PM :D 

YAY! It was a good holiday ^_^ Didn't get a tan at all tho ¬_¬ Stupid pale skin... Stupid Stupid.... ANYWAYS. And now I have school tomorrow :D OMFG SO MUCH WORK TO DO D': GTG BYE :P

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