Saturday, 8 October 2011

In Front Of The Cops

Here is a photo of my most recent nails, I thought I would put up a photo of them today because I'll have a new ones tomorrow ^_^ I will hopefully be doing a really cute design thats just right for the autumn, lol I sound cheesy as fuck! So yeah here are my current nails:

So yeah its like a weird combination of big and little spots... I was kind of in a rush when I did them so they're not as good as they could be. So yeah, today I have done apsolutely nothing, I planned to do some things with friends next week so hopefully my camera will tag along ^_^ I found a tweet I posted like ages ago and I was saying that if I get good GCSE's I would get an SLR camera for Christmas! So I think I should be reminding my mum of this because I really want a better camera, because my current one is like falling apart xD So yeah I'll keep you all updated xD Bye for now X

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