Monday, 3 October 2011

Pocket Full Of Cash

NEW NAILS BRUV. Check these bad boys out, couldn't decide which colour to go with so I was like what the heck and went with 5 colours ^_^ Looks good fair play to me mind xD

YAY! I am kind of tempted to put white dots on them, but I didn't know if it would look or not, so I thought I would leave it for the moment. It also gives me a good idea of what colours look good or not... I think wait have I shown you the nails I did before? Lemme find a pic of them if I have one....

Come to think of it now... I think I have shown you these nails.. OH WELL. Here they are again xD
Ok well thats all I have to write about anyway at the moment. Speak laters X

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