Friday, 21 October 2011


Soooo its half term!! YAY! Which means a week off school... And I am going on holiday xD On Sunday to Corsica, buuut I'll have no Internet there :( Which means I will not be able to write any posts until I come back next Saturday, but I promise I'll do a huge one with all the holiday photos :D I actually had another kind of fashion shoot today again with Rose, except I was just wearing some college clothes and some very very high heels (like 4 inches :D) They are absolutely amazing but killers x) Anyways so today, well just now I finished painting my nails. They look very electric... You'll see what I mean xD

YAY! Are they awesome or what x)

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream and Black Crackle 

So yay! They totally look awesome and I thought I'd go with yellow because I was planning or hoping for it to be sunny on holiday, because we are staying in a villa by a beach and it would be really convenient if it was hot. But I just checked the weather:

But this is actually the weather for Nice which is basically the closest inland city that I could find because the BBC didn't do weather forecast for Corsica, so maaaybe just maybe its say... 20 degrees hotter ;) Pah I doubt it :( Ooooh well... But yeah I am still excited and hopefully I will take a bunch of wicked photos to show you all :D Ok I am going now, gunna go pop ma pizza in the oven <3 Byeee! I'll try and speak before I leave on Sunday 3AM!!! D: I think I am going to attempt to do an all nighter Saturday night just for the sake of it, so I'll try to post around then <3 CHOOW! 

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