Friday, 7 October 2011

Stick Em Up

Sooo I got the results of my chemistry test and I got 39/43 which is good seeing as it was my first and you know its chemistry :| Fair play it was pretty easy but anyways. So today I was in some freaking weird mood and I concluded its because this school week (my timetable is split up into two weeks) is pretty shit. So I always feel pretty bummed on the Friday of this week. But its all good because next week is the good week so yay! I also planned some stuff with some friends so I am feeling good and whatever. So yeah. Painted my nails again... Yesterday :D They're kind of shitty but people seemed to like them so w/e, I'll upload a picture tomorrow when I can use the sunlight instead of the room lights because they make my photos look bad. But ok I am babbling. I have a biology test next week D: Oh joy.... So I'll probably cram in some revision over the weekend. But for now. Peace out X

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