Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Bought new nail polishes yesterday ^_^ and a new purse and dress! Also changed my nails from the owl designs. OMG have I even shown you the owl designs?! Yeah I have never mind. Ok so yeah. I used these two nails polishes:

Silver Barry M and Voltage Blue TopShop
And with these polishes I made these nails: 

TAAADAAAA wait to see the ultimate sparklyness I'll have to show you a gif:

how to make gif
How to make gif

ULTIMATE SPARKLYNESS OR WHAT. It looks like a frigging night sky... Or not. Whatever floats ya boat. I am having pancakes tonight aswell. Super duper happy ^_^ And also tomorrow I don't need to go to Welsh Bacc - thank fuck, because I got to show little kids around the school and make it seem amazing. Hmm wonder how hard thats going to be. Gunna leave you all now. Peace x

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