Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Arthur Christmas

Ok so I owe you guys a post ;D Today has been mad. There was no school today because of public sector strikes, so I met up with my friend Ella and we went into town with her little brother and went to go see Arthur Christmas :L :L So childish man :') So we watched it at like half 4 and it was actually quite good but so cheesy and cute, and then we went back to Ella's and then went to City Road for a while and went shisha for a bit and met up with a few people and then Ella walked me home and now I am home ^_^ LOL :L But I have a geography test tomorrow I realised and hmmmm I haven't really revised and the teacher threatened to phone home and tell my mum blah blah blah w.e LOL. I am actually freaking out, and what am I doing... Going on facebook -.- God damn the internet. Anyways. So yeah here are just a few photos from today ;D 

LOL, I tried wearing a headscarf ;D I actually like it loads ^_^ It looks better in real life, the flash brings out all the stray hairs ;o

Lool, allow my face ;D Lol jokes I just like the little sundots.... -.- Anyways.... Yes I know my lipstick has faded its because I ate ;P

Me and Ella <3 

Another headscarf one, in Ella's bedroom ;D 
Mehp that is all. Tomorrow night I have some school open evening thing that I have to help out in, so that should be fun... And then on Saturday I am helping out a friend with her photographer shinanigans so we are doing a bit of photo shoot! So I will try my hardest to show you guys some photos from that :D :D, but for now, I should really revise ;o Shit I am in so much trouble. dhisahfoapi Bye :D 

Saturday, 26 November 2011


Hello everyone, it has come to my attention that some sort of palarva has come about on the subject of Christmas. I don't particularly know the full story but from what facebook has been informing me, a tabloid has released a feed about how ethnic minority get offended or something when people say merry Christmas so politics are saying we should instead say Happy Holidays. So then a bunch of people are getting overly offended and actually taking this kind of bullcrap seriously and making offensive status backstabbing the "ethnic minority" or in their case they are shallow enough to name religions. This is just some of the things I found people to be writing on facebook:

  • Christmas is not fucking racist WTF! We don't make a fuss over Ramadan or eid because we respect other cultures and beliefs! So respect ours! We've called it Christmas for ever and we have Christmas trees! Don't like it then f**k off!!
  • Jump on a plane back to where-ever you came from, don't be jealous that our country makes a bigger effort for Christmas not Eid.
Not only are these things ridiculously offensive, they are also very closed-minded, but also poorly written and shows clearly these people are just believing everything they read and putting it into their own words and making everything racist. It's stuff like this that makes me get so frigging angry and I could actually write on and on about stuff like this, I usually hold myself back but do you know what. F**k this. 
Who the f**k do these people think they are,  "Our country" since when was it your fucking country? Since when did you f**king run this country. The UK is a very diverse and multi-cultural country, in some places at least. Btw I am assuming the people writing these statuses are either Christian or like some UK fanatic.  But literally its not your country! And so what if you are full British or w.e there are tons of people who have ethnic family background who have lived in the UK all their lives and even if they haven't who the f**k are you to tell them to back to their country. Its not even your f**king country to be in, in the first place. I f**king hate racism I could get myself so angry about it and cry about it for ages but you know what, people are so f**king pathetic. How can people be so uneducated? So ignorant? So f**king rude, to slam on someone elses religion just because some f**king newspaper made up some f**king rumour about some b******t. It mysifies me. I am so disgusted that people can be like that. "Bigger effort for Christmas not Eid" firstly why bring Islam into this? Some how I can't see Muslims caring greatly whether Christmas is celebrated more than Eid, for people who don't celebrate Christmas it's still a public holiday so what is there to complain about, so obviously that isn't true. Secondly I am sure if Eid got bought by some big fizzy drink corporation and became associated with animals and types of plants that you decorate then it would become just as celebrated. I am not a Christian and for some reason (I have sometimes questioned) I celebrate Christmas. If I am celebrating it and I don't believe in God, then I must be taking part in it for some reason, or my family must of brought me up celebrating for some reason, and that is because it started getting publicized and advertised as some big holiday where people give presents. Not for the true meaning of Christmas. Why the f**k do people care! Go f**k yourself people seriously you are all such a bunch of pathetic low-life's. Why do people hate so much man? What the f**k do people get out of it??! What the f**k do you get out of being racist? Does it make you feel f**king good that you are so stuck up to offend another person. F**k humanity, everyone who is racist are pathetic c**ts who need to go die. You are not doing any good being the b**chy ass person you are. You are not getting anything out of it, does it make you feel better???! fvbguoahpgi f**king good night stupid mother f**kers. 

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Ok so yesterday I said I would show you everything I bought, so since the film uploader STILL isn't working for me, here are some photos. Here firstly are all the paperchase shinanigans:

Some big see-through documents holder thing

Note cards 

Pencil Pot


Selotape (I have a strange obsession with this kind of partially transparent tape) 

Another smaller document holder

The inside of it

A ring-binder

The inside of it
And here are some photos of what clothes I bought (please please please excuse my face...)

The back of the shirt

The front (£13 H&M)

The skirt (£4 H&M)

Mehp just put the shirt on over the top lol 
So that is all. Today I am so so so tired for reasons I cannot explain so I am going to go eat now and then I am going to go to bed super early. Chow for now ;D

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Ok so today has been so tiring! Basically all morning I had chemistry coursework practical and I am just hoping I did ok, and that took up all morning. Then at lunch I went into town and went shopping. Ima post a video below of all that shinanigans and what not. Then I met up with a bunch of friends and we went to see the new Twilight movie BREAKING DAWN. And it was actually really good! Better than I expected anyways. So yeah I had a good day and here is a video and a photo, lol :D 

Just chilling in the library before cinema :D 

FFS blogger keeps saying I can't upload videos TAKES THE PISS :| Oh well it was just me showing what I bought.... I'll take photos and show you tomorrow kay ;D BYE X

Monday, 21 November 2011


Ok so today I am not going to lie has been MANIC. Not so much in the day but more after school. So my dad gave me and my friend a lift over to her house so we chilled there for a bit and then decided to take some photos and we came up with this amazing idea of basically I am hiding in each photo and well, it's hard to explain but basically its called The Find Louise Game. LOL, and here are the pictures :L :L

So yeah that's pretty much what we get up to in our spare time... Did you find me btw ;D 
We also decided to film an Irish dance to Lord Of The Dance :L :L Wish I could put the video up but I don't have it, and then her dad came in and accused us of being drunk LMAO. It was hilarious oh gawd. 

So then I got home around 5.40pm and then I went on ma facebook and my friend messaged me asking if I could come over because she had a massive surprise for me. So I got really excited and begged my mum to let me out again and she said yes so I literally ran all the way to my friends house and she wouldn't tell me what the surprise was and then I knocked on the door and her mum was like turn around and I turned to look at the street and BA BAAAAM she was sitting in her brand new car. And I know to some of you its like w.e ok ye mehp. But ooooh no she'd been hyping about it for ages and FINALLY the new car was here. And we were screaming and omg I just couldn't get over how amazing it was ^_^ and we were taking photos and films and blasting music LMAO it was hilarious. The neighbours were staring at us soo much! But who cares man! But I don't have any photos atm because she hasn't uploaded them yet. But anyways yeah so then I got the honour to have a lift back to my house in the car lol, and got back around 7.40pm. I am so shattered. I have a test tomorrow aswell! But thankfully its in the afternoon and I have all morning free = SLEEP IN!! Ok that's all from me, peace out homies 

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Blue Moon

Ok so this is a bit of a collection of randomness. Here are my new nails also btw, SO BLUE!!:

LOL my revision nerd out, yes I have labels, stickers and highlighers in the same colour for certain things -.-
don't judge kay.

Currently all ma colours! Feel free to comment below what colour you want me to use next :D


I used Blue Moon By Barry M and Matte Blue 1 By Urban Outfitters
Om om om started listening to 3OH!3 again, oooh gawd anyone remember this song? Used to love it soooo much. :3 Ok well thats all for today, gotta revise loads so byeee :D

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ok so I just realised that the post I did yesterday about J.Cole didn't really show you what I was wearing properly. So ya lil darlings... This is what I wore :D

Bleeeh sorry about the messy hair D: But yeah you get the idea. 

Top - H&M £7.99
Shorts - H&M £8.99
Heels - New Look £20

There was a video that was meant to go with this but the dang thing won't upload ¬_¬ But yeah the whole idea is that I shall start doing some sort of video when I feel like it. But I need to get the fuck on with my school work because I am going to be in deep shit for it soon when my mum finds out how behind I am. Oh gaaaawd. Ok peace out homies ;D 

Monday, 14 November 2011

Cole World

Ok so yesterday I went with a bunch of friends to go see J.Cole at Student Union, and it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G omgomgomgomgomg sooooo good :3 So at around 1.30pm I went over my friend Ella's house and got ready and then another friend (Samiya) came over around 3ish and got ready too. And we were meant to meet people at 3 at Student Union, we got there 6. LMAO. But it was ok, because a few of our friends had been saving our place RIGHT AT THE FRONT! So then when we got there we took a bunch of photos with everyone, then FINALLY we started to go in and literally everyone ran up the stairs! So we went through showed our tickets and went into the venue place and we were RIGHT AT THE FRONT. Like against the barrier. We were the first row basically. And I had a really good spot w.e and then we just waited around for everyone to come into the venue, and then the support act came on, some guy called Dot Jr. and he was good and he was on for about 45 minutes or something, so then he finished and then people were setting up the stage and then this guy called DJ Dummy came on and like warmed up the crowd and did like really amazing mixes and everyone was just dancing LMAO. And theeeeen FINALLY J.COLE CAME OOOOOON and everyone was screaming and I was so happy because he was doing all the songs I knew cos I had been listening to a lot of his mixtape music so I was scared he would be doing other songs, I knew the main ones obviously but then ba baaam every single song he did I knew like the chorus to! And we were just all singing and dancing and just going crazy AND HE TOUCHED MA HAND OMGOMGOMGOMG lololol it was amazing, but I got pushed away from the barrier by the end of it because for some reason everyone was moving side ways :\ Like gradually. And I reaaally didn't want to go away from the barrier because I was in massive heels and my feet were apsolutly killing by the end of it, but it was alright I didn't mind, I was just dancing LMAO. OMMMG I AM LIKE LISTENING TO THE MUSIC NOW AND ITS AAAALL COMING BACK TO ME :') Such an amazing time seriously ;o And then it finished around 10.45pm so we all left and then I went with Ella and her sister and a few friends and went to get some food from CHICKEN COTTAGE and I was just walking around bare foot because I was in so much pain, but it still hurt without then D: but I manned up so ;D and theeeen around 12.15AM!!! Ella's mum picked us up and I went back to Ella's for a bit aaaand then I got a lift home and went to bed around 2am! With school in the morning at 8.30am, ooooh gawd I don't know how I did it but I actually got to school in time, I was fucking knackered tho! So that was my amazing night <3 and here are some pictures :D 


Some support guy :D 


Dot Jr. 


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