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Hello everyone, it has come to my attention that some sort of palarva has come about on the subject of Christmas. I don't particularly know the full story but from what facebook has been informing me, a tabloid has released a feed about how ethnic minority get offended or something when people say merry Christmas so politics are saying we should instead say Happy Holidays. So then a bunch of people are getting overly offended and actually taking this kind of bullcrap seriously and making offensive status backstabbing the "ethnic minority" or in their case they are shallow enough to name religions. This is just some of the things I found people to be writing on facebook:

  • Christmas is not fucking racist WTF! We don't make a fuss over Ramadan or eid because we respect other cultures and beliefs! So respect ours! We've called it Christmas for ever and we have Christmas trees! Don't like it then f**k off!!
  • Jump on a plane back to where-ever you came from, don't be jealous that our country makes a bigger effort for Christmas not Eid.
Not only are these things ridiculously offensive, they are also very closed-minded, but also poorly written and shows clearly these people are just believing everything they read and putting it into their own words and making everything racist. It's stuff like this that makes me get so frigging angry and I could actually write on and on about stuff like this, I usually hold myself back but do you know what. F**k this. 
Who the f**k do these people think they are,  "Our country" since when was it your fucking country? Since when did you f**king run this country. The UK is a very diverse and multi-cultural country, in some places at least. Btw I am assuming the people writing these statuses are either Christian or like some UK fanatic.  But literally its not your country! And so what if you are full British or w.e there are tons of people who have ethnic family background who have lived in the UK all their lives and even if they haven't who the f**k are you to tell them to back to their country. Its not even your f**king country to be in, in the first place. I f**king hate racism I could get myself so angry about it and cry about it for ages but you know what, people are so f**king pathetic. How can people be so uneducated? So ignorant? So f**king rude, to slam on someone elses religion just because some f**king newspaper made up some f**king rumour about some b******t. It mysifies me. I am so disgusted that people can be like that. "Bigger effort for Christmas not Eid" firstly why bring Islam into this? Some how I can't see Muslims caring greatly whether Christmas is celebrated more than Eid, for people who don't celebrate Christmas it's still a public holiday so what is there to complain about, so obviously that isn't true. Secondly I am sure if Eid got bought by some big fizzy drink corporation and became associated with animals and types of plants that you decorate then it would become just as celebrated. I am not a Christian and for some reason (I have sometimes questioned) I celebrate Christmas. If I am celebrating it and I don't believe in God, then I must be taking part in it for some reason, or my family must of brought me up celebrating for some reason, and that is because it started getting publicized and advertised as some big holiday where people give presents. Not for the true meaning of Christmas. Why the f**k do people care! Go f**k yourself people seriously you are all such a bunch of pathetic low-life's. Why do people hate so much man? What the f**k do people get out of it??! What the f**k do you get out of being racist? Does it make you feel f**king good that you are so stuck up to offend another person. F**k humanity, everyone who is racist are pathetic c**ts who need to go die. You are not doing any good being the b**chy ass person you are. You are not getting anything out of it, does it make you feel better???! fvbguoahpgi f**king good night stupid mother f**kers. 


  1. I used to live in the Middle East and they have a public holiday for Eid so I don't know what all this is about.

  2. I can't believe people are being like this! I have also come from a place where Eid was a public holiday, I don't see why people are getting so defensive over Christmas. Shows how sad people can get...


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