Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Arthur Christmas

Ok so I owe you guys a post ;D Today has been mad. There was no school today because of public sector strikes, so I met up with my friend Ella and we went into town with her little brother and went to go see Arthur Christmas :L :L So childish man :') So we watched it at like half 4 and it was actually quite good but so cheesy and cute, and then we went back to Ella's and then went to City Road for a while and went shisha for a bit and met up with a few people and then Ella walked me home and now I am home ^_^ LOL :L But I have a geography test tomorrow I realised and hmmmm I haven't really revised and the teacher threatened to phone home and tell my mum blah blah blah w.e LOL. I am actually freaking out, and what am I doing... Going on facebook -.- God damn the internet. Anyways. So yeah here are just a few photos from today ;D 

LOL, I tried wearing a headscarf ;D I actually like it loads ^_^ It looks better in real life, the flash brings out all the stray hairs ;o

Lool, allow my face ;D Lol jokes I just like the little sundots.... -.- Anyways.... Yes I know my lipstick has faded its because I ate ;P

Me and Ella <3 

Another headscarf one, in Ella's bedroom ;D 
Mehp that is all. Tomorrow night I have some school open evening thing that I have to help out in, so that should be fun... And then on Saturday I am helping out a friend with her photographer shinanigans so we are doing a bit of photo shoot! So I will try my hardest to show you guys some photos from that :D :D, but for now, I should really revise ;o Shit I am in so much trouble. dhisahfoapi Bye :D 

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  1. If you owe us a post, I owe you a comment!!!! You look great in the headscarf!!!!


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