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Ok so yesterday I went with a bunch of friends to go see J.Cole at Student Union, and it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G omgomgomgomgomg sooooo good :3 So at around 1.30pm I went over my friend Ella's house and got ready and then another friend (Samiya) came over around 3ish and got ready too. And we were meant to meet people at 3 at Student Union, we got there 6. LMAO. But it was ok, because a few of our friends had been saving our place RIGHT AT THE FRONT! So then when we got there we took a bunch of photos with everyone, then FINALLY we started to go in and literally everyone ran up the stairs! So we went through showed our tickets and went into the venue place and we were RIGHT AT THE FRONT. Like against the barrier. We were the first row basically. And I had a really good spot w.e and then we just waited around for everyone to come into the venue, and then the support act came on, some guy called Dot Jr. and he was good and he was on for about 45 minutes or something, so then he finished and then people were setting up the stage and then this guy called DJ Dummy came on and like warmed up the crowd and did like really amazing mixes and everyone was just dancing LMAO. And theeeeen FINALLY J.COLE CAME OOOOOON and everyone was screaming and I was so happy because he was doing all the songs I knew cos I had been listening to a lot of his mixtape music so I was scared he would be doing other songs, I knew the main ones obviously but then ba baaam every single song he did I knew like the chorus to! And we were just all singing and dancing and just going crazy AND HE TOUCHED MA HAND OMGOMGOMGOMG lololol it was amazing, but I got pushed away from the barrier by the end of it because for some reason everyone was moving side ways :\ Like gradually. And I reaaally didn't want to go away from the barrier because I was in massive heels and my feet were apsolutly killing by the end of it, but it was alright I didn't mind, I was just dancing LMAO. OMMMG I AM LIKE LISTENING TO THE MUSIC NOW AND ITS AAAALL COMING BACK TO ME :') Such an amazing time seriously ;o And then it finished around 10.45pm so we all left and then I went with Ella and her sister and a few friends and went to get some food from CHICKEN COTTAGE and I was just walking around bare foot because I was in so much pain, but it still hurt without then D: but I manned up so ;D and theeeen around 12.15AM!!! Ella's mum picked us up and I went back to Ella's for a bit aaaand then I got a lift home and went to bed around 2am! With school in the morning at 8.30am, ooooh gawd I don't know how I did it but I actually got to school in time, I was fucking knackered tho! So that was my amazing night <3 and here are some pictures :D 


Some support guy :D 


Dot Jr. 



  1. Wow love your top is it from New Look or Topshop or somewhere like that?
    Cari xxx

  2. @Cari its from H&M, its all explained in the post above this ;D xox


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