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Ok so today has been so tiring! Basically all morning I had chemistry coursework practical and I am just hoping I did ok, and that took up all morning. Then at lunch I went into town and went shopping. Ima post a video below of all that shinanigans and what not. Then I met up with a bunch of friends and we went to see the new Twilight movie BREAKING DAWN. And it was actually really good! Better than I expected anyways. So yeah I had a good day and here is a video and a photo, lol :D 

Just chilling in the library before cinema :D 

FFS blogger keeps saying I can't upload videos TAKES THE PISS :| Oh well it was just me showing what I bought.... I'll take photos and show you tomorrow kay ;D BYE X


  1. Hey I visited this blog as u mentioned. it is pretty interesting. but i dunno how to follow here. its kinda different format.
    Thanks for following me

  2. okay I did it .. thanks ..didnt know it was that obvious .. Mind gets glitchy at times ..:P


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