Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dot Dot Dot

New nails and new shoes HOLLAH:

Love how one hand is like perfect and then the right one is just a mess ;D My hand stability will get better I promise x) 

SO today is Bonfire Night! Hopefully I should be going out to see Cardiff's firework display around 7, and I might just take a few photos ;) Which I will of course upload straight up on here. But for now. Peace out X


  1. I couldn't help noticing you had big brother up-I love Big Brother! Favourite was Faye but she left... now Alex.

  2. @BlogsRus Vera oh yeah ;D I haven't really been following it much but I like Louise! Maybe because we have the same name ;o

  3. :) yeah shes nice, and so probably your too!


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