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Ok so yesterday I said I would show you everything I bought, so since the film uploader STILL isn't working for me, here are some photos. Here firstly are all the paperchase shinanigans:

Some big see-through documents holder thing

Note cards 

Pencil Pot


Selotape (I have a strange obsession with this kind of partially transparent tape) 

Another smaller document holder

The inside of it

A ring-binder

The inside of it
And here are some photos of what clothes I bought (please please please excuse my face...)

The back of the shirt

The front (£13 H&M)

The skirt (£4 H&M)

Mehp just put the shirt on over the top lol 
So that is all. Today I am so so so tired for reasons I cannot explain so I am going to go eat now and then I am going to go to bed super early. Chow for now ;D

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