Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Like A Cheetah

Ok so here is a nail post again! And it's kind of a two in one ;D I just had a feeling today that I needed to snaz up my nails a bit, so I thought why don't I try out water marble nails again! Here is the outcome:

As you can see they didn't come out too amazing... Apart from the thumb above I thought looked pretty cool. But I didn't like them and decided to scrap that shit and try something else.

So I decided to try something new that I had no idea how to do but looked pretty straight forward. CHEETAH NAILS. Ok bare with me because I went improve style and added some zebra stripes and what not. But are you ready. Here. Is. The. Outcome. 

Peach Melba, Dusky Mauve and Matte Blue 1 (Which btw is an apsolutely AMAZING colour from Urban Outfitters ;D)

And as usual you are viewing them without being cleaned up around the edges, because I found out that the next day or a few hours later or w.e the nail varnish or your skin simply peels away and saved me having to get out liquid nail varnish remover! Sooo what do you think ;D The zebra stripes are a bit of a mess because I don't have a proper striping tool and had to use a paint brush instead, but I think over all they look pretty awesome! 

Alright that is all for me! Feel free to comment if you like or dislike these nails. I will write soon! 
Chow X


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