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Ok so today I am not going to lie has been MANIC. Not so much in the day but more after school. So my dad gave me and my friend a lift over to her house so we chilled there for a bit and then decided to take some photos and we came up with this amazing idea of basically I am hiding in each photo and well, it's hard to explain but basically its called The Find Louise Game. LOL, and here are the pictures :L :L

So yeah that's pretty much what we get up to in our spare time... Did you find me btw ;D 
We also decided to film an Irish dance to Lord Of The Dance :L :L Wish I could put the video up but I don't have it, and then her dad came in and accused us of being drunk LMAO. It was hilarious oh gawd. 

So then I got home around 5.40pm and then I went on ma facebook and my friend messaged me asking if I could come over because she had a massive surprise for me. So I got really excited and begged my mum to let me out again and she said yes so I literally ran all the way to my friends house and she wouldn't tell me what the surprise was and then I knocked on the door and her mum was like turn around and I turned to look at the street and BA BAAAAM she was sitting in her brand new car. And I know to some of you its like w.e ok ye mehp. But ooooh no she'd been hyping about it for ages and FINALLY the new car was here. And we were screaming and omg I just couldn't get over how amazing it was ^_^ and we were taking photos and films and blasting music LMAO it was hilarious. The neighbours were staring at us soo much! But who cares man! But I don't have any photos atm because she hasn't uploaded them yet. But anyways yeah so then I got the honour to have a lift back to my house in the car lol, and got back around 7.40pm. I am so shattered. I have a test tomorrow aswell! But thankfully its in the afternoon and I have all morning free = SLEEP IN!! Ok that's all from me, peace out homies 

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