Thursday, 10 November 2011


Hmmm haven't done a random photo post in a while so here we go darls here are some photos that I am feeling atm. Today has been pretty good. Helped out after school for my Yr12 community hours in some Open Evening Show. Ended up just chilling round school till like 7. Mehp. Weekends coming up soooon! So pumped and excited hopefully its going to be AMAZING. But ima have to do a bit of shopping on Saturday ;D Ok here are the photos :D

Tried some weird hair thing. Mehp. Kind of like it mind ^_^


  1. Love the hairstyle, and love the shoes!

  2. Oh I forgot to say that outfit is AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    Cari at

  3. Hi thanks for the follow! Cari x

  4. I love shoes like that!!!! The hair looks really stylish, and I hope you have a nice weekend!

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