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Ok so I just realised that the post I did yesterday about J.Cole didn't really show you what I was wearing properly. So ya lil darlings... This is what I wore :D

Bleeeh sorry about the messy hair D: But yeah you get the idea. 

Top - H&M £7.99
Shorts - H&M £8.99
Heels - New Look £20

There was a video that was meant to go with this but the dang thing won't upload ¬_¬ But yeah the whole idea is that I shall start doing some sort of video when I feel like it. But I need to get the fuck on with my school work because I am going to be in deep shit for it soon when my mum finds out how behind I am. Oh gaaaawd. Ok peace out homies ;D 

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  1. Really like this outfit! Cool bedroom btw :D


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