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Oooh kay, ima talk to yall about yesterday. It was such a good day ^_^ Buuut there aren't many photos because... well we didn't take many x) 
So around 2 I walk to Ella's house and then we chilled there till around 5 or something and got ready and what not and yeah took a bunch of photos which I'll show you at the end. Then Ella's mum drove me, Ella and Ella's brother to Pizza Hut and we got pizza, and then we went to Red Dragon Centre and just mingled for a bit and then we went to watch The Adventures Of TinTin And The Secrets Of The Unicorn something or other... I can't actually remember a lot about it because so much happened yesterday that I just don't remember much of it. Then we met one of Ella's friends, Dina who I have seen once or twice and then she came with us to City Road where we were meeting up with some people, but then Dina had to go home so we said good bye and waited for the bus with her and then we walked to shisha and said hi to a bunch of people and sat down for a bit, till around 10.50 and then we went to go meet Ella's mum and she gave me a lift home and then, I stayed up for a while and then slept :L The end. LOL. It doesn't sound that interesting or hectic, but we just went everywhere omg and I was walking around all day in heels, which I don't mind because I can walk in them but anyway I am babbling. So ima put up some photos now ;D  

Ma Eye's Look Super Weird O.O



Ella Being Really Really Tall
LMAO she's going to kill me ;D <3

I am so fujunking excited for next weekend. It's going to be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
Not going to give to much away ;D ;D <3 <3 


  1. Hi again- I really want to follow but I cant find the button, I must sound so dumb sorry!

  2. Nice outfit!!!!!
    Btw love the Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake!!!!!!!!
    Ps I have shorts like yours!


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