Saturday, 10 December 2011


Aw you guys I haven't posted in ages!
What has been happening recently? Well on Wednesday I quit my job - which was a paper round job for those of you who didn't know - Um, Me and Ella planned on joining a Yoga class and we have had this new burst of inspiration to be super healthy ^_^ Then Friday... nothing much has been happening in school. I have been getting annoyed with a lot of people, not really in a way that matters but people are so immature man! Um today, I got a new laptop which I am on now! YAY ^_^ I gave the old Dell to my brother and now I have the Toshiba (I can't understand why he gave it to me it's so much better. But OH WELL ;D) Also today I met up with Ella in town and we met some friends in the library and worked a bit. Then we went and checked out the shops - window shopping :'( I HATE SAVING UP MY MONEY - And also we checked out the new Gilly Hicks shop in St Davids 2. It is LUSH I am not even joking oh my days :P And then we met up with some more people applied for a few jobs in shops. Went back to the library for a bit and then just met up with some MORE people and just chilled. Then we went home and I watched JUSTIN BIEBER on ITV :B Ok. I am not one of those ultra obsessive people. But he is very hot. And very talented and like a year older than me <3 <3 OMGAAAAWD. Anyways... So yeah next week is the last week of school until the Christmas break and on the Saturday coming up I have a Birthday meal I am going to, so I'll be meeting a bunch of people, so hopefully I'll have photos. But guess what! My camera charger isn't working anymore I don't think :'( It just won't charge!! So if they will be photos it'll be from someone else's camera. And yeah that's all that's happening at the moment I think... Might be going Birmingham in the Christmas hols, but I told you that already didn't I.... Yep that is all ^_^ Kay bye. Man that was a boring post... hmmmmm Ok my mum is in a bad mood so I can't get the webcam and share with yall a photos -.- Hmmm bye :D :P

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