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Anmar's 17th

Yesterday was so much fun. It was my friend (Anmar's) birthday so at around 12 I went over Ella's house to get ready and then at 2, we left the house, and we were kind of meant to be there by 2! So we got to the restaurant (Red Hot) around 15 minutes later and ATE, so so much! The food was so good! Then the waiters sang happy birthday LMFAO it was so funny they did like a little weird song and dance oh gawd D: Yeah and then around 4 we left the place and took some photos outside and then all the boys went to the cinema (There was 18 of us in total btw) and so it was me, Ella, Lucy, Summayya and Pardis and we all went our separate ways because we decided not to go to the cinema and meet up with everyone later for shisha. So me and Summayya went over Ella's for about an hour and a half or so and then we met up with a friend of Ella's (Demari) and headed to city rd and went to this place called Shisha Lounge and met up again with Pardis and Lucy, and then the boys finally arrived but were asked for ID so they had to leave. So then we felt rude because it was for Anmar's birthday and they had to leave. So we also left and headed up to Crwys Road and found some shisha place called El Mfaiofbhas something or other lmao >_< So then all the boys were already in there and so we just went in and stayed till around... 10.30, by then everyone had pretty much left and it was only me, Ella, Aqsa, Demari, Emmanuel, Anmar and some of his friends there. So then we headed back down to City Road and went to check if anyone was in another shisha place called Adonis, but it was packed and no one we knew was there. So then we just chilled in this chicken place till like 11.20pm and then I got a lift home ^_^ Such a good day. And here are just some of the photos:

From Left
Ella, Assad, Me, Anmar, Summayya, Pardis, Abdi

The receipt from the restaurant LMAO.... erm

Assad, Ella, Me, Anmar, Summayya and Pardis.
Me, Emmanuel, Summayya, Pardis, Sami and Ella 
Yeah my friend is taking forever to upload the rest of the photos, so this is it for now. I will do another post later on when she uploads them. 
I should be making some decent posts this week, because on Monday I am dying my hair and sleeping over Ella's house ^_^ and then on Wednesday I am helping Agnese out again with another photoshoot, so there will be photos from that <3 Ok guys Love you lots X

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