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Healthy Lifestyle Log In 2

Hay guys :L So that is my first nail polish video above ^ ^ and also the second day of my healthy lifestyle logs! Today hasn't been as healthy because well it's harder in school! For breakfast I had toast and orange juice and then for lunch I had a tuna sandwich and a hot chocolate, I am pleased though because that's the only kind of chocolate I have had in a while. So yeah, but after school I went unhealthy :'( I had french bread which for those of you who don't know, it's basically bread, soaked in egg and fried D: no good!! But then after I had a rice pudding yogurt thing. To balance it out ;) Then for dinner I will be having a beef lasagna. 

I have my job interview tomorrow D: I am so nervous! I am meeting up with Ella at 3.30 because we both applied (and its a group interview so we have it at the same time) So I am really excited, also I am going to give her money to buy me hair dye. That's right, I AM LETTING HER CHOOSE MY HAIR COLOUR! And I won't know what colour it is until it is on my hair and settled in and everything :O OMG OMG OMG hopefully this will be all done around next Monday so I will OBVIOUSLY be posting plenty of photos! I am so excited :B So yeah that's all really at the moment. Here is a photo of my at the moment, and my completed nails :D

YAY ok bye :D 

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