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Ok so this is what the little sheet of paper I showed you was all about:

Ok guys! A revelation, I can upload videos now ;D as you can see above ^ ^ Please watch it because it will let you know what is going on at the moment in my life! This whole week I am going to be sharing with you everything I have been eating and also what healthy changes I am making to my life. The main reasons I am going through with this is because there are so many positive outcomes. Your skin is healthier, you are more energetic, it makes your body healthier, your immune system is stronger. IT GOES ON!! One of the things that persuaded me to start being more healthy is that I was taking in way too much fats, and as I showed you on the pie chart, fats + sugars was one of the smallest portions you should be having, and that was not my case! So now I am way more aware and eager to be HEALTHY! So here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: Porridge (with 2 teaspoons of sugar) + a banana + chocolate milkshake
Lunch: Tuna mayo and sweetcorn sandwich + orange juice + chocolate chip croissant + tangerine
Dinner: Pork + Potatoes + Broccoli + gravy + a Yorkshire pudding  + rice pudding +water

And that is all I have eaten today :D So yeah.... Gunna go wash my hair CHOW. Stay tune for more videos and healthy stuff :P 

Its meh.

Meh current nails.

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  1. haha the video xD I think it's really good your trying to improve your diet! Keep it up!


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