Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Healthy Lifestyle Log In 3

No video today guess D: The weather is UK is so bloody awful at the moment, I hate it so much! Its all hail, and rain and the attempt of snow, but its not so it's no good ¬_¬ I HATE WINTER SO MUCH. Anyways.... So yeah my job interview was today! I think it went.... meh I don't know D: I hope and pray I got the job <3 It's such an awesome shop (more info to come if I get the job) so yeah also today I went to buy my hair dye with Ella!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT COLOUR IT IS?! So excited! I think we are going to dye my hair on Monday or something, I still haven't asked my mum O.O But meh I don't see why I wouldn't be allowed... I don't think Ella has chosen a drastic colour D: LMAO. We shall see. 

Here is meh today ^_^ 

So how healthy have I been today?
Urm..... Well for breakfast I had toast and orange juice again, and then at my break town I bought a banana and ate it, so I suppose that's good... I didn't have anything for lunch I don't think so D: and then on the way to town I had a chocolate bar

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