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Merry Christmas To You

Sorry I haven't wrote since Friday... LOL it doesn't seem that long ago... I have just become so obsessed with Tumblr, don't worry there is no way I'll be replacing this blog with it! This is my personal blog, my tumblr is just for photos, and the occasion tune + video. Anyway I shouldn't  need to be telling you this because you have obviously checked it out already. If not, what the hell'chu doing child?! Click away! 
So unless you live in a cave today is um... CHRISTMAS DAY :| yeah big woop. This year I have not cared about Christmas, but tbh it has been a good day! I got some good things (mainly vouchers and money and clothes... actually that was it >_<) but yeah, had a nice meal... Yeah that's about it. Personally Christmas isn't that much of a big deal to me. But I have MONEY now + £50 Body Shop gift card + £25 HMV gift card, so ima be shooooopping = an upcoming haul video hopefully. Ok so I reeeaaaally want this jumper:

I don't know why tbh, their just so cool :B And I really want like a big jumper like the ones above that I can just wear with shorts. I also badly want a snapback.... I don't care if people are saying I am trying to be someone I'm not. BITCH I can be whoever I like. Also I AM GETTING A TAN. Fake obviously ;L You know the moisturise I showed in the last haul video. They both work!! The Dove one has like a shimmery particles, so I usually wear that one when I am going out or seeing friends. The other one is just as good but more matt. I have become a lot darker! I love it <3 Ok so yeah... what else do I want... Hmm nike high tops but I have wanted them for ages. I'll go shopping soon :D Next big photo post should hopefully New Years Eve if anyone arranges anything. But I'll drop a line sometime later this week <3


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