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Ok guys the photos have finally come through from Saturday, and also my hair IS DYED dun dun daaaaaah I LOVE IT SO MUCH, it's not that much different to my natural hair colour except it is darker and more of a whole colour. I love it so so much, wait I just need to look at it ^_^ Yeah it is like darker, but on Ella's camera which I cannot find at the moment it comes out like a redish colour, but its not I promise... Ah I found the camera... Ok here are the photos from Anmar's:

Me, Summayya, Assad and Emmanuel 

Shmokey Louise and Summayya, 

Lucy, me and Assad
Are you ready for it people, now feast your eyes apon... MY NEW HAIR. DBGAUOIFOFBNSN

Can you see the difference? It's darker right???? Its so weird, in the light it goes red!! Like can you see the edges? I don't care what people think, I LOVE IT. It's finally one colour... even though it kind of turns into two.... Ok so guys pleeeaaaase tell me what you think, I would love you for it <3 Speak soon guys, remember I have a photo shoot again tomorrow so photos should be coming up from that!! :D XX

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  1. I love your hair !!!!!!!!! It's sooo pretty~!!!!!!


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