Monday, 5 December 2011

Take Care

soooo.... Hi. Yep. Today was so much fun! I went over my friends house (Rose) and we did some sort of video. And I don't want to tell you too much because hopefully I'll be adding the video onto here... But lol it's just so random and funny and and hopefully we should be making it a weekly thing, so every Monday we shall post a new video, it'll be on Monday because well, my dad picks us up from college on Monday so he can drop us off straight at her house, which is convinently two streets away from my house :D 
So yeah... 
Hopefully I'll put the video's up. 
And then tomorrow I am going to go with a friend to visit Ella (you all should know Ella also) in her college. So that should be fun. 
And then on Wednesday I'm going with her to the cinema to watch Happy Feet 2 which is going to be absolutely hilarious... 
Mehp and ALSO we have planned to go to Birmingham on the 17th December and go crazy shopping so that should be AMAZING. And I will defiantly be sharing photos with you :D 
Ait guys sorry for this bit of a random post. 

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