Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Couldn't Help Myself!

Did a lil bit more shopping today - just getting ya know everything I didn't yesterday ;) Here are the pictures:

Top - Primark Skirt - H&M
Don't know where the belts from its actually Ella's tee hee :D Bought the top yesterday just to make the skirt into an outfit. I like it! I think it's so cute and maybe I'll wear it to universal studios but I am scared the skirt will fly up because it the photo I am actually pulling it back, so really its a lot looser. Anyway I am babbling...

Shoes - Primark
Just some simple pimple sandals. Nothing special. Ignore my chipped green nail polish... Really need to remove that... :P

Here's just a picture of them without the feet :D

Shoes - Primark
Yeah I know I am going on a Primark Shopping Spree I CAN'T HELP MYSELF OK ITS ALL SO FRIGGING CHEAP! Anyway. Yeah these were like £2.50!! Just some simple trainers LOL. Probably wear them whenever I am not wearing sandals... makes sense.. :D

And here's them again without any feet. Don't know why I took these photos. Just made sense at the time I guess. 
OMG MADE IN CHELSEA :( Just watched the last episode. So sad I was crying... well you know tearing up. Ok I cried a bit DON'T JUDGE ME :P It was so sad I was so sad for Spencer. Run RUUUUUN. He didn't get there in time. She flew away :O so sad :'(

America soon!! This is the last night I will sleep before I am in America. Hell to the no I am not sleeping tomorrow! Bitch I have so much left to do :O Oh well. I ain't even tired atm. Cbf sleeping... Oh well... I am all packed. Gonna end this post now :P Night X

Monday, 27 June 2011

Shopping Spree! ♥

Well today I went crazy shopping. As you do. And I thought I would do a bit of a fashion post, seeing as I have picked up some pretty awesome outfits. YAY ME ^_^ Ok here we go. 

Top - H&M Shorts - H&M
Bought the top today as soon as I got into town. The one thing I knew I wanted! I love this outfit. It's so laid back and I am thinking of wearing it the first day in America - In the aeroplane and coach. Probably as a PJ top too ;D

Top - Top Shop Cardigan - Wallis Jeans - Internacionale
Probably something I'll wear travelling in the UK, like to the airport and from the airport. Quite an old outfit and not too fussed about it tbh... :P

Top - Primark Shorts - Primark
Bought this literally just as I was heading to leave the shop! It's so cute and I love the shorts! I'll probably wear it on the sight seeing day or something like that... or maybe visiting a canyon. Who knows!

Top - Internacionale. Shorts - H&M
Something else I have just throw together. Just an idea of what I would wear over my bikini when I was heading from the hotel room to the pool. Nothing special. The bikini is not visable but it's from Peacock. :)

Top - New Look Shorts - H&M
I am loving this outfit! I think I will either wear this to Universal Studios or to the Grand Canyon. My only concern is that if I wear this and get wet in Universal Studios. The top will probably go see-through. We'll see :D 

Romper - New Look
Love this! It looks nicer in real life and it took me two times to decide whether to get it or not but I love it. It's so laid back and casual. Defiantly a best buy - but also one of the most expensive - £21.99!! But worth it :D 

Dress - Primark Cardigan - Willis
I have actually had this dress for a few months but only worn it on one or two occasions. It was originally bought for America, so even though its been worn a few times I thought what the heck I might as well use it for it's purpose. 
Skirt - H&M
I don't actually have a top to go with this just yet and I am planning to get one tomorrow. 
So thats only some of the stuff I got!! I also got a pair of sunglasses, a necklace and a ring - well technically I stole that ;O but ya know :P 

Tomorrow I need to buy loads more, but more accessories kind of stuff. Shoes, rings, um... yeah thats all I can think of right now. Gonna meet my baby gurls Ella and Pardis up in town around 10 and get cracking with the shopping. I have like £20 left! And that is literally ALL my money gone except for like a humongous tin of 20, 10 and 5p's. But tbh I cba.

LOL just poked my head out of my window and literally all my neighbours were on the street and stared at me, so I casually close the window again. LOL awkward as fock!! Anyway. So yeah... 

Had a statistics exam today... Don't really want to talk about. How should I explain it... "Meh" does the job! Honestly the only thing I care about now is that I AM FREEEEEEEEEE!! So happy. Tee Hee. 

So tired... I have literally been walking around all day! My hair has gotten so long now I LOVE IT. Three people complimented it today. Thanks babes you know whose you are ;) Ok I am literally shattered. So night! X

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Hey, good morning. I am going to have a hard core revision session today... I have an exam tomorrow that I haven't revised for AT ALL! :O I am going to die. Just to let you all know. I am charging my camera now, I am going to attempt my first video. Which also means I'll have to make a Youtube account... Maybe tomorrow. Ok well anyways... Speak laters X

Sorry just thought I would talk a bit more :D. The weather is going to be boiling today like :O So hot and so unexpected look:

Today is going to be really hot. I might attempt to revise on my roof... ;)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Live It Well

Heyya yet another post. But this one is full with delightful photos of yersterday/today morning. Here they are, enjoy:

Me and Habbiba looking sexy

Pardis, Nimo, Samiya, Aicha, Umal and Habbiba

Ella's Mommy made us a cake!! <3

I knew it ^ U ^ (me and Ella)

Pardis hola hooping on Wii Fit

Getting the food ready

Ella being sexy
So yeah as you can tell we had a pretty wicked day. So much fun! Love these guys so much!! :D 

What Would You Call It?

Hiya. Woke up like an hour ago went to bed around 4. LOL. I was talking to Riyhad on msn. So funny :') So yeah I am really tired and have to leave Ella's house in like 15 mins and I am still in my pj's - well they're not pyjamas its like some long arabic thing that's really comfortable. So yeah. So tired just messing around on my DSi so funny. I have loads of photos to upload from it when I get back and I'll put some of them up on here too. OK well I really really need to get ready. Changing my pounds into dollars today ^_^ So excited. Goin to play on my DSi now with Ella! SO MUCH FUN.

Just Dance

Hello with Ella ^_^ watchin Taken at the horrible part D: Oooh I am scared LOL I am such a pussy... So today was a lot of fun!! OMG IT WAS A LOT OF FUN. Me, Ella, Pardis, Habbiba, Samiya, Aicha, Umal, Nimo and Sumo! We were some wild  people today. Dancing, jumping, eating, dancing. LOL just what the typcial group gathering for us. Been a pretty wicked day. And now, I am sleeping over Ella's wearing some kind of arabic dress - sooooo comfortable. Yeah I don't really have anything else to say. Good night... X

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Just As Good

So today I ended up not going shopping instead I will go Saturday morning with Ella. Prom has started. I am obviously not there. I think it's just too much money and on top of America - I am not made of money. So yeah. I am excited to see all the photos and hear all the stories, that's about all... Tomorrow is Ella's Bash - as I am calling it, don't really have another name lol. Basically all the girls are going round her house and basically doing what we would of done tonight - if you remember Aqsa's Non Prom was meant to me tonight - but it got cancelled. So we moved it to tomorrow at Ella's So its gonna be so much fun still. So excited! Alright nothing else really to say. Hope everyone had a good time at prom! X


Going shopping today... On my own D: I have no idea what to buy... I just think I am going to buy the stuff I found on Tuesday. And like buy some accessories and sunglasses and stuff like that. Urh! I need someone to go with though! Meh meh meh. I can't not go though. I have no America clothes. Or even summer clothes on that point. :\ gutted. Oh well... And today I got loads of money too... Oh well. Off I go. I shall post later how successful I was... or not! Bye X

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Snap Shots

Ella on the left and then me - wearing the outfit that I bought.

H&M top and shorts. I bought the shorts, but was uncertain about the top. But I really want a top like that.

THE SHOES!! They look better from the side when I am standing up. I love them! But they're too much money :'(

These are just the shoes shown better... I don't know why I am putting them up. Just thought I would show a better view. They look better in real life... ;)

The outfit from above again, just a slightly better picture - and you can see the back of it too in the mirror ^_^
YAY! The photo uploader is working now! So there are the photos ^^ They're no biggy but I am pleased they are up. There were also 2 other tops I wanted to get, one was a crop top - nice but a bit too plain and another was kind of like a jumper but it was a nice style and looked good with the shorts.

BTW, this is the jumper style top from H&M i was talking about - found out its on sale for £5 so I'll try it on again and probably buy it ^_^

Anyway. That was yesterday's news :D Today... The weather has been mainly lush but now it's starting to get really windy D: FML. By Sunday its going to be 24 degrees!! I am going to fry! So yeah. So today I took my time getting ready and then went into town to meet my friends outside the cinema. We chilled on the grass for a bit and waited for everyone to arrive then went in and watched Bridesmaids. So funny!! Its so dirty LOL. We laughed so hard. I think I enjoyed it more because all my friends were there!! Then after we just chilled outside the cinema some more. Took in the summer sun while it lasted and slowly one by one headed home. I got home around 5 and then I have been snacking and now I am going to look over my stats. Well I say that but.... We'll see ;) Oh I think I am going to upload some photos of me and my dog onto facebook now - I finally managed to take some! Ok well speak later X

Oooohshitisgoingdown >:P

Tick Tock Goes The Clock ^_^

AHA! I managed to get the photos that I took yesterday! It took a while though. My phone wouldn't connect to the computer so I had to take a photo of them on my phone with my DSi and then send them to facebook, then download them from facebook and then delete them off facebook. LOL. So here they are I know how eagerly anticipated they are ^_^ LOL jokes:

Ok and now it won't even let me upload the frigging pictures WHY WHY WHYYYY!!???

Oooooh I am going to punch something.... This post is going to have to wait till the fucking thing can work. I have to go get ready now. Off to the cinema soon with some gal pals >_< I'll explain everything tonight X

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Fucking Posh

Ah just watched the most recent episode of Made In Chelsea. I love the posh accent I wish I had it! The way they say fuck is so wicked I wish I could say fuck like that xD LOL random... No seriously I feel like pushing my voice to be posh.... Millie and Hugo are so cute <3 and and I hate Francis even though I used to like him... I think Hugo is the best looking even though he looks like a goat, but Spencer looks like a Lion LOL. So tired... I think I am going to sleep now. Gosh that seems so appealing. Sleep... Yeah. Cannot wait to go cinema tomorrow with a load of peeps. Have no idea what we're seeing - I am sure it'll be good fun! 
Night X 

Shop Till You Drop!

Today was a very very good day! I loved it xD Met Ella in town around 11.30 and then met everyone else and gave Habbiba something she needed then we said goodbye to them and went shopping!! :D I got 1 outfit for America already - without the accessories or shoes - its like these shorts and then this top that's really nice, I know I gave you an amazing description there ;) I'll probs upload a picture when I can find the cable... So yeah. That cost £40... So that means I have £60 left? I need to buy a skirt and just some more tops. I found some that I liked but Ella said I could find better. And I found a nice top in H&M, but it's not really for America. I'll probably buy it if I have money left over. Bluh so tired! So then we also got some stuff for Ella, just like jeans and trainers. Oh My! We went to.... JD I think? Yeah and they had like these cool Nike shoes like the really big ones. And I thought oh I'll try some on for the sake of it. And ooh baby! I LIKE!! They were so cool!!! I want :B But they were like £45 which is good. But not good, because I don't have the money for them right now. But oh my I want them. I took a photo of them as well. But the bitch lady was rushing me, so I only took one photo. So yeah and then we went got some food in Macdonalds and went sit outside the castle and then we went and chilled in the library for a bit and Ella charged her phone lol. Then we went home. And I got home around 5!!

 This day went so slow - probably because its the Longest Day Of The Year today ^_^ So tired. I just finished hoovering my room and now I am chillaxing and I am going to watch Made In Chelsea now HOOLLAH!! Partying partying yah! 

Man I wish I had more money I would be shopping all the time. There are so many nice clothes I WANT THEM ALL!! America in 8 days >_< So excited! Doesn't even feel like it!!

Tomorrow I am doing Orange Wednesday with a bunch of friends and then on Thursday is our Non-Prom ^_^ SO EXCITED!! I think my dad is bringing home two Wii Remotes today for me to take! :) 

My sun burn is peeling now D: I was literally rolling of the skin this morning! It sounds gross but it doesn't hurt at all. LOL. At least now it's turned into a more settled tan... Cannot wait for the tan I'll get in America!! 

Speak later yall X

Monday, 20 June 2011

Pleasant Pastels ♥

I really like the background song on 4Music's Summer '11 advert. But I can't find the song name on You Tube D: Also remember the feeling? I CAN'T FIND THEM ON GROOVESHARK EITHER!!! Songs oh my. I think I am going to go find the VO5 advert song. Cos I like that. Literally played on Sims 2 Pets since I last spoke. Had my lunch around... Like 4? LOL I've lost all means of time! I should really revise for statistics. I can't relax properly its like nagging in the back of my head D: WHY!! Why do I have to take it!? Our teacher didn't even give us the option to take it... So annoying. I posted some photos of me and my cat yesterday up on facebook which I really liked so I am going to put them up on here too :) Here:

She looks so happy ^_^

Chunky the hamster ♥ Like my nails here :P

I love Crystals eyes here... SO BIG!! ♥

If you can see it - thats my very hench hamster ^_^ He does that like everyday....

One out of the two of my gerbils. It looks so cute here ♥
Naw ♥ I love my pets. The only one missing here is skippy D: It's cos he never comes to my room so I never take a photo of him with my DSi.

The weather is really crap today. - Raining - During the time I was downstairs I left my bedroom window open and the water fell through so I had to clean it all up :( 

Tomorrow um, my friends have a sociology exam and then I think I am going shopping for America afterwards with Ella ^_^ FINALLY!! We have been planning to for ages...

I really need a job.... I need to make a CV but I don't know how. When I ask people just say I should really big myself up, but what I just write an essay about how amazing I am? LOL. Easy but ya know ;) I am joking of course. Ok well... This post is over xD I need to revise stats anyway. YAY ¬_¬ Speak later maybe! X

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Ma Day

Hello. Sorry if your finding the music I posted annoying, there seems to be some thing wrong with that there are two songs on the page playing, I assumed the second one would go when I posted the one below, but apparently not. Just put your volume on mute or stop them its up to you, but I think it'll stop playing soon. 

Well today I woke up 10. Played on Pokemon until 11 then had breakfast then played Sims 2 Pets until 1, then went on the computer until 3.30 then had lunch, then attempted to tidy my room and wrote some letter things for my brother, because he is going to Storey Arms all next week. YEEEES!!! Free house! Well I would have one anyway, but you know. Ok well I just had my dinner - Jacket Potatoes mmmmm. Speak tomorrow X

Saturday, 18 June 2011

You Only Live Once

I think I owe yall a post ^_^ well yesterday was so much fun. Had the geography exam in the morning and then went to Starbucks and meet Habbiba, Pardis and Sayda and started sorting out summer plans. That reminds me I have to write them up... Meh. So yeah and then Ella came some time in the afternoon, and around 4 we left and played hide and seek in Saint Davids 2 <- fail xD then we saw some gangsters from our year getting in trouble. So we watched them be searched and stuff and then taken away. We were hoping to ask them what happened, but then they got walked away so we followed but soon lost them in Debenams. So then we wore these hilarious hats - like the big ones and tried on like the most hideous dressed we could find!! LMFAO! and then took loads of photos. Then we seen Pardis and said HI! And then we walked around Debenams a bit more. And LMFAO AHHHH IT WAS SO FUNNY. We went to the pajama section and Habbiba the mad lady kegged one of the manikins. LMFAO!!! I don't know why I find it so funny. She just did it so casually and then walked away. FUCKING HELL!!!! So fucking funny!! I was laughing so hard I couldn't actually breath. Oh my oh my. It was the funniest thing ever. Oh my flash backs. Its replaying in my head ♥ So then lol we got to the makeup section. And we were messing round with the manikins. And then one of us said something and then Habbiba goes Need a hand? And picks up one of the manikins hands which had fallen off. xD So then I stole it out the shop. And then we took in turns to put it up our sleeve and pretend it was our real hand. So then we left the shopping centre and went out in to the streets. And we were going HI to people and waving the fake hand!! The looks people gave us xD So then LOL. We decided to make Habbiba (who was wearing the hand) to go into MacDonalds and buy us a McFlurry... So with her real hand she ordered and then when she was given the change she put in the fake hand and held it out LOOOL. And the coin fell straight through. We were pissing ourselves. Fucking hell!! So then we headed home. ♥ OMG love these guys so much. Funniest people ever!!! 

People might find us weird but never say we don't know how to have a good time. So glad I have become closer to the people I have! They are honestly the most funniest people to be around! ♥ Too much love in the building ♥ 

So today I literally played on Pokemon Soul Silver most of the day and then had to go shopping with my mum. Oh joy... Bought an adapter for American plugs and like loads of sun lotion. 

Can't believe America is so soon 11 days now!! Doesn't feel like it at all. Love how there is so much for me to be excited for! At the moment I am excited for Aqsa's non prom and then sleeping over Ella's after!! and also SPICE ROOTS after Statistics exam - such a lush way to celebrate end of exams OFFICIALLY!!! And there will be countless food eating competitions. Last time it was jelly and ice cream eating competitions but you weren't allowed to use your hands!!! See we know how to have fun. 

You only life once ♥♥♥♥

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Just A Little Shiz

^^ That's for any google chromers, theres some funky apps on there that make browsing a lot easier. Check the ones I got:

Just a blog thing that allows to to publish a link straight from the site your at. Useful I suppose, and the other (which is the thing shown in the picture) is just some notes thing. And the best thing its all absolutely free!! Well I am sure some you have to buy. So yeah basically that's the link to get those above, but I think you have to be using Google Chrome. Like moi YAY! So tired. I am actually tempted to just sleep now...

Well I had two exams today, IT paper 2 in the morning, and then Welsh after lunch. We were isolated again... Didn't mind that much. OMG just remembered I got my year photos ^_^ YAY After the exams we went to Blackweir. OMG It was so sad :'( Basically there was a mummy and daddy swan and 4 babies and you know how in Blackweir theirs like a slope of water, well it was really deep and so much more faster today and the current was to strong and 3 of the baby ducks fell down :O so they were all stuck at the bottom, and then we decided to rescue them, but they were afraid, then they climbed up onto the dry area by us and I grabbed one and carried it ^_^ IT WAS SO FURRY AND CUTE <3 So so so so so cute, then I popped it in the water and the parents hissed a respected thank you I KNOW IT ¬ ¬. So yeah but then!! The other 4th baby had slid down but on the wrong side and so me and Arnissa went across to go get it and I was so so close but then it swam away far away and I was going to go get it, but then Habbiba came with my bag so I decided to leave too. :( Poor thing. I really want to work in the RSPCA now <3 So tired... 

Tomorrow we are doing some revision shiz after my geography exam in Roath Park Library, I'll probably sleep, we'll also try to proper plan this summer. The weather is gonna be so crap 2morrow. LOOK: 

BOOHOO :( Really looking forward to Aqsa's Non Prom :D Its gonna be gooood. We gonna play Wii, twister PUMP THA MUSIC. Eat pizza chillax in her garden. Gonna be well good. <3 Love those guys so much. Ok speak laters X

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

What A Feeling

Weird mood today. I am happy I just have to remind myself that I am ;D People people, what can you do. I guess its just one of the many things I will experience a lot in my life, just have to get used to it. 
Anyway random rant.

I am in a good mood, tho this sun burn on my back is killing me, and my jeans are not washed yet for tomorrow :( I am going to have to wear gay school trousers. I might have some other jeans somewhere mind.... We'll see. Weather is being so weird. I revised 6 frigging pages of geography today!! Like so much! Town was so busy because Take That was in Cardiff, so noisy. 
I have an IT and Welsh exam tomorrow, welsh, I am going to fluke, IT I literally have no idea what to revise. At all. There is no layout between the papers, its basically hit and miss whats gonna be in the papers, so annoying! We'll see, hopefully I'll get at least a C over all. I would be jumping for joy if I got a B. You know what I am going to do. When I get my results I am going to only show myself one grade at a time. so I can be happy or sad over and over again. So if I get say like a C in something woo...  then a B WOOO, oh next its a C wooo OMG AN A YAAAAR oh no a D shitshitshitshitshit wait another B WOOOO you see? makes the happiness/sadness more effective. Instead of omg omg mostly Cs :'( and like 2 B's <- me sad. You see. :D LOL. So yeah, what was I talking about anyway.... LOL. Need to go to bed early. So good night X

Dangerously Dizzy

LOL did no revision yesterday and just chilled outside Cardiff Castle with Habbiba, Samiya, Sayda, Arnissa and Nimo... Did no work and ended up getting a massive sun burn :( Habbiba got banned from the library for two weeks. Like after the exams shes allowed back :L So yeah. What did we do. Just talk and sleep and run away from some drunk guy... LOL. Quite funny tbh. Yeah that's about all... Attempted to sneak into a movie, but it was quite a fail so I went home. So tired. I think I should go get ready to go to the library now... On my own. I tried to convince Riyhad to come but nooooo.... ¬ ¬ Oh well ;D I'll have fun! Speak later X

Monday, 13 June 2011

Taking Our Time

Today was fun, mainly after school, chilled outside the library for like 2.30hrs with Ella, Aicha, Samiya and Pardis. What a great chat :D Love those guys. Really looking forward to Aqsa's Non Prom! Cos all the crew is coming YEEES!! So excited. Should be some fun! And AMERICA omg omg omg 16 DAYS!!! Bloody hell I need to go shopping... I will next week. A LOT! This summer is going to be wicked! Cannot wait till after exams! Ok well nothing really else to say. Finally I have two days off of exams! To revise ¬ ¬ gonna bloody well take my time. Fock that! =P Ait, going to bed now. Actually I lie, I am going to stare at facebook for a while and then I'll go to bed around 11 lol XD Love you lots XXX

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Never Too Old

Just remembered all the games I haven't played in ages. 

I am actually SO excited to start playing video games after the exams you have no idea. Like OMG so excited I am going to complete Harvest Moon. Complete Sims 2 and Sims 2 Pets, play Star Wars Battlefrontier like 24/7. Complete Pokemon Yellow, Soul Silver and Pearl. Buy Pokemon Black/White, buy Dragon Quest, complete Pokemon Explorers, um... OH YEAH, Complete both DS Zelda games, play Fire Emblem, OMG so much.... What else what else... HALO. Play them... Honestly now, you think I am lying, I am taking my DSi everywhere with me. I am just going to complete game after game after game. No lie... NINTENDOGS I complete forgot about that the dogs are probably dead... I'll start again on that... Fuck I want to play it now ¬ ¬ I HATE EXAMS...
I am so excited after this week ONE EXAM LEFT!!! HOLLAH. Ok well I need an early night, I have to wake up 6.30 tomorrow :'( Ok night X

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Just One Day Of Many

OMG!! Slept so much last night! I went to bed like 9 and woke up 8.30 I think... I had to try on all my clothes to see which ones I needed to get rid off = a lot of it. I never realised how much clothes I had that didn't even fit me. It was quite amusing trying them on... So yeah then I had a phone call from a Jamal something I think it was Jamal Bernard lol xD asking from Habbiba if I was going library so I told him to tell her I would be around 11. So then 11.30 I got there and Habbiba and Sayda was there on the computers so I went to sit down at a table and started working, Nimo arrived around 12 and at 1 there was a performance which was quite funky and cute, so Nimo got an album and got them to sign it xD LMAO she was being such a fan. So I worked until... 5.30 and Sayda and Habbiba stayed on the computers like all day looking for stuff to do in the summer. We I suggested this thing called Go Ape, its basically its this really fun thing but turns out it's really complicated and for every 5 people we need one 18 yr old!! D: So we don't know. And we would have to take a train and a bus to get there... But it would be fun, if we could get it to happen... i'll ring up some day. Have a stupid IT and Media exam clash on Monday... Basically means I am going to be followed around all day and isolated from everyone... Fuck sake. How am I not going to be able to talk to anyone. I think once I am allowed to talk again I'll just scream!! LOL. So tired atm. So yeah then we walked home and I had dinner and now I am talking to people and panicking about exams. Here are some pictures that I feel like right now, because I am very very bored. And after I'll go to bed ^_^

Friday, 10 June 2011

Wanna See Where?

Some new features on my blog just to let yall know:

The love hearts are where people are currently viewing from, but for some reason I think the love heart that is showing at the moment is resembling views from the UK. So if you can't see a love heart on UK but where it is above, that's why! I also added another feature from the same website:
This lil bar thing does pretty much the same thing as the map, it just tells you how many people are viewing the page at the exact moment as you. :D Pretty cool huh. It's not like i'll get a lot but could be interesting :P Ait that's all I think... I really badly want a chinchilla, like so unbelievably badly. You know they live for like 15 years and can grow up to 10-15 inches long, thats like 30cm, and then the tail is like another 8cms!!! I so so so badly want one. Like D: I WANT ONE. I think I have made it pretty clear so I am just going to shut up and go now! X

Nails Nails What Can Ya Do?!

Ok this post is slightly inspired by Sara ♥'s Pretty Little Things she does these kinds of posts - but way way better!! Check her out xD Ok so today I was upset that I couldn't go out with my friends, or more that I decided not to, anyway, so I was not in the state of revising and anyone who knows me knows I am incapable of revising at home. So I looked down at my boring nails and decided to paint them. First I used this creamy pink colour from Claire's Cosmetics, and did three layers with it 

Yeah not that interesting, and then I realised it needed something else... Hmmm I wonder... So then I realised I have a nice brownish nail varnish that came from a big set of makeup so I don't really know the company... Ahha its called The Colour Workshop... So yeah and then I went and found a hair pin and decided to use the dotting technique LOL so here is the outcome:

TADAAAR I like, it is like as good as my nail painting skills will get! I like it, I really need to buy like top coat nail varnish, so it lasts longer, because at the moment my nails feel a bit vulnerable I also need to learn how to grow them.... Oh my! So yeah and here are the nail polishes I used:

LOL so that was my first nails post. I should try it again cos it was kind of fun. I NEED to get more pastel colours. 
:O I just realised I had a dream that I had multi coloured nails like one colour for each nail. But when I woke up I realised I didn't have interesting enough colours to do it with. I neeed to get more nail varnishes, honestly summer I am buying so much, and not shit claire's ones - because they are quite crap, but like... Barry M ones I like Barry M. So yeah. I shall toddle off now. Speak laters X

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Couldn't Replace Them

omg what a day!! Arrived just on time for the welsh exam - went shit - then me and the gang went to blackweir - this like big area with a river and woods and fields, to chill and me, Habbiba and Samiya decided to walk across this huge river. LMAO. 
Thats Samiya on the left then Habbiba then me.
And so we eventually made it in like 45 minutes, with our trousers all wet and everything, and thank fully no one slipped. Well Habbiba did once and everyone found overly hilarious :L Then we decided to play hide and seek in the forest and me and Habbiba were a pair and we took it so seriously. And we weren't even found :| Cos we were so good xD So then we sat on a field for a while and then went back to school and sat and ate and I threw bread at the seagulls and one caught it mid-air!! So cool :B and then we went to RE exam and after that we trekked back to blackweir and went on an exploration trip, like literally all the whole crew!! So amazing and then we went to sit by this slope ok and firstly the girls were paddling in the water and then I caught a tadpole!!! I know!! It had legs too and was really big and then Samiya tripped in the water and then Sumo - a friend (summaya) fought her in the water. Oh go on this link and watch the video. It's hilarious. So then Habbiba had a go, but the video isn't up yet and she fell and slid all the way down. Oh my I was literally pissing myself. And they did it a few more times and we are all planning to do it tomorrow after our maths exam. So yeah and so Sumo, Samiya and Habbiba were soaking. Then we all eventually walked into town and then me, Samiya and Hibo went to the library and I worked for like an hour and then walked home. Such a lush day. I ♥'d it so much. Oh yeah and we were walking to town like through this huge park and Habbiba was whipping people and this one guy on a bike turned around and came and shouted at her. LOOOL. So funny. I actually love these guys. They are so fucking hilarious and truly the bestest friends you could ask for ♥

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Funny, Funny, Funny

Today was so fun, planned a lot with Habbiba about travelling Europe during a gap year after collage - so want to do that, and also about going Benidorm sometime late next year! So excited. travelling Europe would be so amazing! So funny in the library today. LMFAO. I laughed so much. I shall explain why:

  • Well firstly Habbiba was listening to music and then all of a sudden she shouts out WAAAIIT!!! And I was like wtf? For what and we just pissed ourselves for ages because it was so random. 
  • Then Habbiba was putting water in her mouth and like gritting her teeth and looking down and seeing if the water would go through, and she just ended up dribbling everywhere. LMFAO. 
  • Then these bunch of kids were in the library like Yr 6, and they walked past and one of them goes to Habbiba Errr... And we were just staring at them pissing ourselves. LOL.
  • And then the lady receptionist came over and told us to stop being noisy or she'll kick us out and then she said on the speaker thing for a body guard to come to our floor - to kick us out, so we grabbed like all our stuff - and there was a lot and legged it to the end of the floor and then it felt like we were playing hide and seek with the body guards because they were searching for us. LOOL. In the end they gave up and we just chilled on floor 5. 
Toooo funny. :P I have two exams tomorrow! :O Welsh and RE. Both subjects I despise greatly. I am going to bed now. Oh how exciting ;) For me anyway. It's so early. Yes that is the reason why I am excited to go to bed because it's so early. ;P oh shut up Louise. Ait then. Good Night X

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Never Felt So Tired!

HELLO!!! Well today was good. In the morning I went to the library with Habbiba and tested ourselves on science. Then we walked to school around mid-day and revised some more with all the gang. Then went to our exam :o I found a lot less harder than some people were making out. Which on one hand worries me because maybe I should of found it hard. And then on the other hand it's good because I must of done ok then. Chemistry I did best, then Biology and Physics was my worst. I was so pleased with Chemistry because I got like the equations right - well I remembered how to do them which is one thing. So yeah, then the whole gang took a bus to town and I was in such an amazing mood. I just wanted to jump around and hug a lot of people. LOL. So yeah then I went to the library while all the others went to play hide and seek and then Ella and Hibo came up to meet me and I said hi and then we saw that everyone else was on a lower floor so I finished of some RE and geography revision and then packed up and went to join them. Then around 5.30 me and Ella walked back to school to have the America Meeting. So exciting, its put the whole thing into reality. But I don't think we are going to a beach!! :( Noooooo! But the hotels look really nice, and one has a lush pool. So exciting! Then me and my mum walked home and I was so tired and I just collapsed and ate a lot! =D Now I am writing and then I shall collapse on my bed and sleep ;D So tired! I have a day off tomorrow so I'll be in the library till 2.30 and then me and Ella are going to maths tutoring from 3-6.30 -.- Oh my... I am going to die, so tired. Ok well off now. Bye peeps X

Monday, 6 June 2011

I Hate You Maths. Go Die.

Urh! My maths exam was not good. >:( It was just poop. A big pile of poop. Then after it me and Ella ran to the library and then she left and it was me, Habbiba, Damian, Sherice, Sami, Nadira and Sayda and we chilled and tried Iced Tea - it taste's like coke flavoured tip tops. Mmm, it's alright. Then me and Habbiba chased some lady to get some more LOLOLOL but we didn't get any :( Then we walked home. Lardedar. Pretty crap day tbh. I hate maths so much. Why did I resit. WHHHHHHHY!!! >:( Ok well I am hungry so I am going to eat. Bye X

Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Deadly Dessert

The Beautiful Rocky Road - you can even see the water droplets on the marshmellows :')

Oo yum yum yum (please ignore my face) :P

Whats that Louise has found?

Chocolate cake!? No way!

All finished :) Didn't take long either!

A red hair of mine! 

My eye after I watched a very sad movie.

My eye again very close up...

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