Saturday, 30 July 2011

One Day

So yesterday I was planning on having a nice chilled out - read for most of the day - day. I got my book from the library and just chilled. Then around 2 Ella called me and asked me to come over, just to talk or whatever, so in half an hour I was there at her house and I watched her do her make up.

Then she decided she would love to do mine. Like a funky tutorial thing - cos I had my camera, so then we did it...

And then we decided to cover our hands and arms in jewellery - every finger had a ring!! And take some funky photos xD

And then finally we decided to make some yummy enchiladas, so we filmed the process of making them - and I will hopefully eventually put it on here - and then EAT THEM!!! While watching finding Nemo <3

Tomato and Spices 
Frying Onions
Chicken mixed in something
Frying Chicken



Then around 8.30 we walked to my house and decided to take  my dog for a walk :3 So we went to the rec, but he kept running back to these group of people that had food ¬_¬ so we put him on the lead and walked along City Road and bumped into Hafsa and spoke for a bit. I think I am going to try and read a bit, speak laters XX

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Barry Island Fun :P

OMG today was so much fun!! The paper round is starting to take its toll on me. It's so hard to wake up in the morning!! I need to sleep earlier D: Anyway so yeah after doing my paper round I headed home and got ready to go to Barry Island with Ella and Habbiba. BTW here's a picture of what I was wearing yesterday... I wish I had took a better one so sorry ^_^

So yeah anyways then around mid-day we all met up outside the train station and headed off to Barry. Once we got there me and Habbiba went straight into the sea and the waves were really big so we were jumping around in them!! Then after a while we came back out and the girl's decided to bury me in the sand, then I escaped and became a sand monster xD then after a while me and Habbiba went back in the sea and omg it was so fun the waves were crazy!! Then we packed up and headed to go get some food and of course we had chips ;D Then we headed to the beach next to Barry Island and went in the squishy mud and got all muddy - was so much fun xD then cos the tide was coming in we went round to the remainder of the beach which was blocked off by the sea so we had to walk through the rough waters xD so much fun!! Ella got attacked by a huge wave LMFAO!! And then we walked back and headed back to the train station eventually. LOL in the train back me and Habbiba were going craaazy, we were being soo loud :P And now I am home, I had a massive shower - you have no idea how much sand was on me O.O in my hair bluuuh... Tomorrow I am having a chill out day - I have been doing something every. single. day. of the week so far. So crazy!! So now I need to chill D: Alright that's all children I shall leave you with some pictures :) X

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