Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Water Marble Nails

Hey yall! Today is a tutorial and once again I have decided to do it on nails... Ok so today I am trying out Water Marble Nails. These are the nail polishes you'll need (roughly) 

  • a top coat polish
  • a base coat - preferably white but I used a creamy pink
  • and 2 or 3 colours of your choice; I chose Lemon Ice Cream and Berry Ice Cream by Barry M and some pinkesh colour from The Make-up Collection
(From left) Lemon Ice Cream, Berry Ice Cream, Light Pink (Base Coat), Darkesh Pink, Top Coat
So first of all you should put your base coat on and then wait for it to dry.
Okey then you'll need to cut up a bunch of little strips of sellotape, you'll need 3 strips for each finger. Place one on either side of your nail and then one below, this helps stop the polish from staining your skin. 
Then, well actually before. Ok -.- Let me start again... This is what your going to need apart from the nail polish cos I have already shown you that:
  • A needle (or toothpick)
  • cotton buds - lots
  • tissue
  • a cup/bowl of water (temperature doesn't really matter but I found that cold water works pretty well
  • nail polish remover
ok I think that's all... 

Ok so once you have your finger sellotaped up then get your first colour of choice and hold it over the bowl of water and let a drop fall into the water - don't hold the brush too high or the polish will not spread on the surface - ok then you should see the polish spread around the surface of the bowl. Then get your second colour and let a drop fall into the middle of your first colour and then do the same with your third colour. Then you can go do it again so that you have 6 rings of colours. (Each colour twice) I wouldn't recommend you doing more that two rings unless your using fake nails because otherwise the colours get too crammed. 

So then get your needle or toothpick and do a swirl or line or whatever you want so that the colours become more compact and so that it shows some kind of design.

Then choose where you want to place your nail and the dunk your nail over the polish and make sure your nail is under the water. 

You can then swish your finger slightly - that will help get rid of air bubbles and also blow on the remaining nail polish still on the surface of the water. Once you see it start to dry - it'll look a bit like the skin on top of milk when you've over boiled it - then get your cotton bud and swab up the nail polish around your nail (that should still be under the water) so that there is no polish left on the surface of the water. 

Then once you have done that you can bring up your finger out of the water and the design should be on your nail. 

Blow on your nail for a while so there are no water drips and then begin to remove the sellotape from your finger, try not to let the sellotape touch the nail or it could smudge! And then it should reveal your nail looking pretty awesome!

So yeah once you have removed the sellotape just go round the edges of your nail - or wherever you have got some nail polish on your skin - with a cotton bud and some nail polish remover. 

And basically repeat for every single nail. I screwed up like twice... and had to do it again, but I got some pretty cool designs :D 

Here are a few photos of my outcome: 

Tadaaaaa!! Some of them look pretty cool especially the once that's almost all yellow apart from that little line in it :D yay!! It's really fun to do and kind of easy... well I mean I managed to do it ;) So yeah its so much fun and you can try it with so many colours and the outcome is never the same. So yeah I have just shown you how to do Water Marble Nails YAY! I hope that it made sense and that you did great.... if not just watch a video on youtube that'll just tell you how to do it.. probably better but anyways.... byeee!! 

Monday, 29 August 2011

No Leftovers

Well well well, I bought some stuff this week :3 YAAY!! And this is What's New?! So on.... Tuesday I think... I went and collected a book from the library (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) by Stieg Larsson and then on the way back I popped into Superdrug and I was going to buy some curlers, but they were more expensive than I thought so I just bought a nail polish - Barry M - Lemon Ice Cream and it was only £3 which is like really good!! And I love love love their colours so I am like buying loads all of a sudden :D  So then I didn't really buy anything for the rest of the week... Until I got paid on Saturday and then on the way home I bought 2 more nail polishes - Barry M - Base Coat, Top Coat and Nail Hardener ( Three in One ) and Barry M - Berry Ice Cream and I found out that if you buy 2 instead of it being £5.98 it is only £5 :O Suuuper good!! So then once I got back I literally headed back out into town and first I went to H&M and bought some Skinny Belts and then I went into New Look and bought a new hoody and then I went to paperchase and bought a memo pad and a new large pencil-case. And then I was done diddly done and headed home :D So here are some pictures to give you a more detailed idea of what I bought:

Ok so yeah you can see them below. This week I think I just need to buy more clothes and also some notepads D: but the ones in Papercase are so expensive... But I don't really want any other note pads... so I am going to have to see what I am doing with that, I also need to buy another pencil case and new nail polish remover... Oh me oh my. Byee X

The Book
The Belts

The Pencil Case

The Memo Pad

The Nail Polishes

The Hoody

Friday, 26 August 2011

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Ah maan I don't know what to review... Actually I think I know! But it's a bit pointless because everyone knows about it, but I'll do it anyway because I can't think of anything else to do.
So yesterday I finished ready Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets - because I decided to read all the Harry Potter books again. I really liked this book because its got like a little mystery to it and it really keeps you reading! It's basically Harry Potter's second year in Hogwarts and there is a suspicion that The Chamber Of Secrets has been opened, so there is speculation about who opened it and then they find out that Harry Potter can speak parseltongue or something like that where it basically means he can talk to snakes. And then there are loads of attacks on pupils and then Ron's sister gets taken into the Chamber of Secrets and Ron and Harry figure out where the entrance to it is and go and rescue her, but does all go to plan?! Will Ron and Harry make it out alive?! Will they save Ginny or is it too late?! Well obviously all goes to plan because there are another 5 or so books :P But I have genuinely really enjoyed reading the Harry Potter books again, because there is a lot in them that doesn't come up in the films. So yeah I defiantly recommend you to read them, because it is worth it!! 
So yeah that's my review. I know it was amazing x) 
Going on a massive shopping spree hopefully tomorrow so Monday's What's New?! Should be very jam packed!! Till tomorrow byeee X

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Up Up And Away

Aha ok! So I have figured out what to write about on a Thursday. So the topic is Browsing the Internet. So I thought that every Thursday I would tell you a bit about each bookmark I have :D Cos... those are the sites I most frequently go on. 
Here's a list of them so you know what your in store for:

Ok so I will go along the list and give you a brief something or other about each site. :D 

So today is... Blogger :3 YAY! This is what an average session on blogger is like:

This is what the dashboard looks like! 
So I usually go straight into writing my post of the day and this is what it looks like:

So it's all pretty straight forward. It allows you to tag things, make the post scheduled, and there's loads of crazy features to spice up your post. 
See then once I have written the post I usually publish it and then read it off my blog to make sure everything looks ok and people can understand it well enough. 
Theen I usually head back to my dashboard and check out what the people I am following have written lately:

Oooh look a new post to read xD
So then if there's anything new I usually read it (if your interested in the blog that I have used as an example >>click here<< ) That's just one of the many blogs I follow :P. So I guess that's pretty much all I do on blogger... Yeah that's it xD Byeee

Sorry this is kind of random but I just really wanted to post this picture of the sky yesterday:

Haw it's so pretty ^-^


oookey so today was my results day DUNDUNDUUUUU! And after my paper round I met up with my mum - yes she decided to come ¬_¬ - and then we headed to school. When a teacher became free I went over and they showed me my results, (8 B's, 5 C's and 2 D's) Here's it all broken down for yall:
Religious Studies (Short Course)
Art and Design (Coursework)
Additional Science
English Language
English Literature 
Religious Studies (Full Course)
Art and Design (Exam)

The paper they gave to us is soo confusing look I'll post a picture:

I mean like how confusing is all that O.O and that's only one page!! So yeah so then we realised that to do science in A-levels I need 2 B's, but I got one C, but I was told that I was reallly close to a B, like a few marks off, so then we went to see the teachers and asked like what does this mean and they were like blah blah oh you'll have to see Mr Birt, is there anything else you would consider taking I was like No. I am going to force them to let me take science for A-levels. And Mrs Leech was like ooh but its a big leap oh its a lot of work and I was like yeah I know that, but I want to take them and nothing else. I will take science a-levels, no one is going to stop me. I don't care if I have to write to the frigging exam boards I am taking science a-levels. LOL. So then we left. I got 2 A* in coursework - Science and geography, and one A in french ^_^ but I also got an F in Statistics coursework LOL. I guess I am really happy, I mean I passed :D I kind of wish I got at least one A... but I am glad I got them in coursework :P I don't know how to feel really xD I am just like yeah ok... LOL. I mean I kind of failed 3 exams - IT, Welsh, Statistics... IT I thought I would atleast get a C ¬_¬ same with Welsh cos I thought I got good coursework (but I was doing foundation I suppose and I did awful in the listening), statistics man I was predicting way worse! I was shocked I got a C in the exam!! But yeah so I guess I am happy. I think I will be more relieved once I know for sure I got my science a-levels sorted till then. I am just happy with what I got :P Ok. So yeah. That's it really... I should end this post now right :3 Speak later probably. I still have to do my topic of the day x) Till then CHOW.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Newspaper Nail Art

Ok so for this week's tutorial I have decided to try out the newspaper nail design thing. Ok I am warning you now this might fail really badly. I am using this video to help me go through each stage. 
Ok so the lady said to paint your nails grey well, listen love I don't have a grey, so I am using a really light pink... dunno if it'll make a difference... hopefully not ;D 

Here's my funky looking nails
Then the lady says dip ur finger in some rubbing alcohol. Well I don't have any... so I figured I could try it with mouthwash. Because that has alcohol in it right? Well I dunno. 
Btw, I am writing this as I go along so I have no idea if this is going to work. It probably won't xD But atleast you get to know how not to do it... Ok anyway so she said to put it in for 5 seconds or something... so here I go x)

Dip Dip
Ok so then you have to get some newspaper and place the writing bit face down over your nail and then press it down and hold it for like 15 seconds. In the video she has white newspaper, but i have brownish newspaper... I dunno if it makes a difference, I don't see why it would O.O

Press Press
Ok and theeen you should peel it away to reveal....

Can you see it? No... Well I can... ¬_¬ Okey well shh that was my first go, lemme try the other fingers see if I can do any better...

Hey look see that's a better one... Still not very good... but ya know ;) I find that if on the other side of the writing is black the words come out a lot better. Now for the rest of the fingers :D

LOL. I did it... I can't actually believe I did it ^_^ I am so happy!! Even though it looks quite shit :P

Oh man... I just watched the video I linked above and she said make sure you apply a top coat to make sure the newspaper bits don't rub off... I accidently rubbed mine off... LOL. Ok... so the only proof that I actually managed to do these nails is in this post. :3 I advice you to buy a top coat polish before attempting this xD Damn why didn't I watch through the whole video first D: 
Ok so here's the summary:

Your going to need:

  • Grey/White/Cream Nail Varnish
  • Newspaper (Preferably White)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (Or Mouthwash Containing Alcohol - If Your Lazy -)
  • Top Coat Polish - A Must!!
The stages:
  1. Do a few layers of the nail varnish - 1/2
  2. Soak your finger in the alcohol for 5 seconds
  3. Press the newspaper onto your finger for 15 seconds
  4. Peel away 
  5. Apply a top coat 
Done! So that's how to do it the right way and the slightly wrong/lazy way. I am off to buy some top coat polish now. Chow X

Monday, 22 August 2011

Skint Is Me

Ok so some or none of you may be wondering what I mean by What's New?! Well I had this idea that I could fill you in on any new items of whatever I may have. Whether it be a new book, dvd, game, item of clothing, accessory, stationary, ANYTHING! That I may of bought or borrowed in the last week. Soooo What's New?! 
On Monday I collected the second Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets) And then on... Wednesday I went to Paperchase and bought some new wrapping paper. Yaay. And that's all... I also bought some new dolly shoes because my other ones were falling apart :( And I think that is all... I know I didn't buy that much... And I probably won't buy that much this week as well... But next week!! There will be quite a lot hopefully because I'll be getting all my College stationary and stuff from paperchase... So yay :3 

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Not Much

Gah! I am sorry this post is so last minute O.O
Well well well.... what have I been up to this week... Not much I am telling you that now. 

Monday - Um... nothing, I think I went to the library to collect a book.
Tuesday - Dentist and then went to central library and did a bit of reading.
Wednesday - Did Orange Wednesday with my brother and saw Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. 
Thursday - I don't think I did anything... I didn't... Oh no I had a major clean-out in my room. It's looking slick now btw ;)
Friday - Umm... Nothing really, cycled to my mum's work and collected some paper Ooooh! and then cycled home. Yeah...
Saturday - Went to Barry and then chilled in a flat watching TV for a friends birthday. 

Only juuust got back ¬_¬ so frigging tired I won't be able to wake up in the morning. But it's okey because my Sunday paper-round is more laid-back, so I can come in around 9 :P

Ok so I am officially exhausted so night yall. Speak very soon :D

Friday, 19 August 2011

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Ok so on Wednesday I decided to take my brother to go see Rise Of the Planet Of The Apes, because he was telling me how much he really wanted to see it.
I was already highly anticipating this movie and I knew it was right up my street - yes I am an animal lover xD
The movie was absolutely amazing. The graphics and the way they portrayed the monkeys' emotions were astonishing, you could always understand if it was happy or sad and there was no confusion (for me anyway) over what was happening. The movie was very clever and had a great story line to it, it has funny, sad, and very powerful scenes in it, but they all come together to make an incredible film. You fall in love with the main monkey character almost at once, it's just the cutest thing ever!  By the end of the movie I was actually more on the monkeys' side than the humans! Through the action scenes - and yes there are quite a few - my heart was literally pounding against my chest! A really thrilling movie and I definitely recommend you to see it! I will surely see it again, either in the cinema or by buying it on DVD!
Incase any of you have been living in a cave for the last few weeks, or don't watch TV here is one of the trailers for the movie:


Monday, 15 August 2011

Time Waster

I am like addicted to this facebook game called The Sims Social. And it's basically almost like any other Sims game but its a bit different ;D Yall wanna check out how my house looks at the moment? Yeah I knows you do :P 

Yeah it's quite fun.... That's basically all I've been doing for the last two days... Tomorrow I should be heading into town, doing some reading visiting a few shops. You know how it works. Ooooh... I might buy some clothes to ;D Night X

Sunday, 14 August 2011

West Wales 2011

Hi! I realised half way through my holiday that instead of doing separate posts about West Wales, I could just do one big one with photos :L silly me. Ok so here it is:

Day 1: Um.... We arrived and chilled, I think. LOL good fun ^_^

Day 2: On this day all my family walked down to the nearby beach (Cwmtydu) and then sat around and then turned back and then I went up to this farm that had 4 donkeys and a horse so I called them over so they were behind a fence, but then I realised the gate was open so they came round to me and it was very overwhelming O.O

Day 3: My dad and brother decided to take the car to a beach called Mwnt, while me and my mum walked down to Cwmtydu again with my dog, and we chilled and had some ice cream. Then I came back and visited the farm with my brother and we took a few photos so here they are :3 

Day 4: In the morning I went to the farm and sat on a jetty over the lake and read for a bit because the weather was good. Then in the afternoon me, my dad and my brother went to Mwnt and I went into the sea O.O It was soooooo cold!! But the waves were really big and I had a body-board with me so it was fun, but it only reminded me how I really really need to learn how to surf D: Oh weeeell...

Day 5: Today the weather was quite crap. Me, my brother and my dad went to Cardigan - like the closest town xD Explored a few shops and bought a few books from this cute little antique store :D 

Day 6: This day... hmmm, I think we just went to Cwmtydu and sat around... oh yeah! me and my mum saved a grasshopper xD ooh and we found this cute little baby frog in our garden <3 it was so small!! I want a frog now :3 LOL yeah so nothing major really happened, just read and played in the garden on the swings xD

Day 7: Around mid-day we went to the butterfly centre - like this rainforest place that has loads of tropical butterfly's and red leaf cutter ants :O so scary their like huuuuuuuge!! So here's some photos anyways:


Day 8: This day we were going home, so in the morning there was a last minute tidy and then we left the cottage around 10AM and headed on our way to this Animal Park we visit every year, here are some photos from it:

The Llama that spat on my hand ¬_¬

Then we headed off and on our way back to Cardiff and got there around 5PM :D 
So that was my holiday byeee X
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