Monday, 19 September 2011

Nada Nothing Zilch

Man I have literally given up on posting anymore.... So anyways. I bought nada this week. Apart from a crackle polish on the way back from chilling in Central library with a mate. Uumm... yesterday I painted my nails Blue Moon by Barry M and here is a lil pic check it out: 

Omg this is such shit quality D: It's the best photo of them xD cos I took the photo this morning and so it's using artificial lighting whereas I usually use the day light to take my photos, but yeah anyway you can make out the colour or what ever. So yeah and theeen like just 10 minutes ago I added a layer of the black crackle polish and here is the awesome outcome:

YAAAAAY!! It looks so awesome :3 I am so glad I finally got some crackle polish and I will be defo getting more colours x) I don't even stop to think how much money I am wasting spending on nail polishes... Oh well who cares, if I fail everything I'll just paint nails for a living... Might as well :P So yeah :D I also decided that tomorrow I am bringing all my nail polishes to school and im just gunna paint everyone's nails... xD Good fun! Speak soon maybe! X

Thursday, 15 September 2011


LOL guess what this post is going to be about ^-^ ... Nails. Yes I painted them again. This time silver ^U^ <- My super smiley face btw ;)

This is two layers ^ I would recommend you put like a white underneath... it might make it look a bit bolder. I would of but no shops have them :( So yeah... And then I thought what the heck and did something stupid ¬_¬ 

Yes thats right I thought it would look good putting a frigging purple spot on the pinky finger. It's ok I suppose but I just wish I hadn't -.- Oh well I'll probably change my nail colour in two days or less anyway ;D So this was a pretty sky this morning:

Naw its pretty. Those lines from plane something or others look so awesome. Looks like someone realised they were going in the wrong direction xD Yeah I am just gunna shut up.... Byeee X

Ooooh what the heck here's a gif cos my nails are so shiny :3

make a gif online
Make a gif online

Fair play my hand looks so weird xD Now byeee XP

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Monday, 12 September 2011

Shit Bruv

Well well welll well well well hmm.... this is what I bought this weeek:

A top.... Ooooooooh.

Some nail varnishes. Oooooooh... (Silver, Mint Green and Bright Purple)

And some shooooes. 
Going crazy with the O's today x) 
Tomorrow I have all morning free periods YAY! Gonna chill in da common room and play some cards and read and talk and chill and work... maybe ;) It's all good in the hooooood. Chow X

Friday, 9 September 2011

Laid Out

Ok so to be honest now that I have started sixth form I have actually lost all the enthusiasm to write tutorials and reviews and shit like that... maybe it's cos I actually have something to do now or maybe its cos I am a lazy bum... I dunno. But I am probably not going to be doing everything in the layout. I will definitely be keeping the song of the weeks, and probably Wednesday's post, and Saturday's and oh yeah Monday's too. But not... Tuesday's, Thursday's or Friday's because they're just so much effort. Maybe now and then I'll do something for them but not for certain. 

Oookey so 6th form has actually been pretty wicked these last few days. It's really good having so much freedom! I got my official timetable today - check it out:

If you can't read the little writing then basically, Pink =Geography, Red =Welsh Bac, Yellow =Biology, Blue =Chemistry. Then the dashed out periods our free lessons study periods ;) and then the tutorials are white :D I have 14 free lessons, that's good right... out of 50 lessons :\ Oh man. The two weeks are practically the same except I have one less Welsh Bac and one less chemistry on week 2. I think I like my timetable. Except Thursday... Thursday is going to be a bad day I can tell. But anyway so yeah I am enjoying sixth form, still find it weird spotting my brother walking round school (he joined year 7) I need to buy some more clothes tho... and some more nail polish x) Of course ;D Ok well... That's all I have to say really... Speak tomorrow :D X

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

First Of Many

yes I decided to paint my nails again :3 This time Peach Melba (btw yesterday's nails was Dusky Mauve)

Some awesome sunrise this morning :D

So today was my first day of sixth form DUNDUN DAAAA. And.... I basically just chilled most of the day. Had 2 lessons and then just hanged in the common room for the afternoon. Lol, it was my brother's first day of school too ;D So weird seeing him around school... I am liking sixth form tbh. Its all good in the hood. Speak tomorrow duudes. :)

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Ha well hm... today... I am not doing a tutorial because... I have nothing to do a tutorial on. I would say it's because I have been sooooo busy today but I haven't... I actually just finished painting my nails, you wanna see it :3 I know you so totally do.... Okey *sigh* here's a picture ;) 

Aaaand I made you a gif: 
If you don't know what a gif is it's like a selection of photos put together, a bit like a slide show...

animation maker
Animation maker

So yeaaah. Sorry no tutorial today... It might help if you gave me some ideas to do a tutorial on and I will try my best to do them ;D just email me at 
Yay! So tomorrow is officially my first day in college. Oh. My form is pretty wicked and pretty much all my friends are in there and we have the safest teacher :) Its gonna be fuun. And our common room is getting a plasma screen with Sky :O So that's like awesome. My brother has just started in year 7 (in the same school) gonna be fun... So yeah that's pretty much it. Byee!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Dusky Mauve

Meh I  did not buy a lot this week. Actually to be honest everything I did buy I bought today, because today was my enrolment day - to my 6th form and then after me and a friend went into town and I was planning on buying some clothes, but there was nothing really that caught my eye. I was also planning on buying some white nail polish but I couldn't find any... I was going to use it for tomorrow's tutorial :( So anyway this is what I did actually get. 2 notepads from Paperchase, and then on the way home I went to Superdrug and picked up 4 nail polishes x) (Dusky Mauve, Peach Melba, Blue Moon and Mushroom) and some hair pins and hair bobbles. And that is all :D I am actually really stumped now because I really want to paint my nails with one of my new colours but I can't be bothered going through all the effort, removing then a bottom coat then the nail polish, then a top coat. So I'll do it tomorrow along with also trying to find something to do a tutorial on O.O Which I have no idea what to do since I don't have a white... :\ Hmm.. We'll see xD Anywho, speak tomorrow byeee!
The notepads

From the left - Mushroom, Peach Melba, Blue Moon, Dusky Mauve -

Dusky Mauve - it has a really nice purple shimmer to it :D 
The hairpins
The bobbles

Friday, 2 September 2011

Beaver Falls

Ok so today I am reviewing something or other. And since Beaver Falls just finished on... Wednesday I thought I would review that yay! So there has been 6 episode's in total - I know not enough right :'( and it's basically about these 3 British boys who go to America to work in a summer camp. Barry - who is like chasing after this girl who is way out of his league, A-rab - who is getting over this girl who rejected his proposal, and Flynn - who is basically doing everyone, but has a very shocking secret.. ooooh! And they are stuck with the "fat kids" of the camp and promised to make them popular or whatever, and basically the series shows everything that happens during the summer right up to the point its over - obviously. 
And it is sooo good!!! I love it so much and I am really sad it is over :( But if you haven't watched it yet, you can watch it on Youtube and on 4oD and here is a little trailer for the first episode just to sway you into watching it :3

So yeah.. It's good, watch it and I have to go now because 90210 is on :D Byee xx

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dark Days

Yeah so today I am going to show you how the new blogger is looking, even though I am really not in the mood. I have nothing else to do because my life is such a pile of shit so here we go.
So yesterday it got updated and here is what the dashboard is looking like:

Amazing I know... And then this is what writing a post looks like:

And this is what the overview page looks like:

And thats about as interesting as it gets. I would go into more detail, but I am so not in the mood right now and the only reason I am actually writing this post is because I have nothing else to do. I wonder why... -.- Happy? Goodbye. 
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