Friday, 30 December 2011

New Years Eve, Eve

OMGOMGOMGOMG HI! I am so excited for tomorrow sorry ;D But I have a dilemma, I need to find an outfit!! D: So I am going to post some photos of multiple outfits below, and I would love you guys so much if you told me which one you like best (even if you don't have a blogger account, just select as annonymous, it would mean so much to me <3 Ok so here they are :D I also have weather alternatives - incase its typical Cardiff, winter weather ;D So judge the outfits on the weather alternatives, just incase I have to wear them!

Outfit 1:
Navy Knitted Jumper
Light Blue Shorts
Tan Heels

Weather Alternative:
Black Knitted Tights
Boot Heels 
 Outfit 2:
Black shirt
Navy high-waisted shorts
Brown Boot Heels

Weather Alternative:
Black Cardigan
Black Knitted Tights
 Outfit 3:
(With a friend alternative* as well as weather alternative)
*My friend might want to borrow the shorts that are shown in the first photo below, so I have made an outfit that I could have as an alternative.

Nivana top
Black high-waisted shorts
Black heels

 Weather Alternative:
Leather jacket
Black knitted tights
Friend + Weather Alternative:
Black cardigan
Navy high-waisted shorts
Black knitted tights
Brown boot heels

Please give feedback as soon as possible, because it is tomorrow <3 Much love xox

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hello There

Hey guys! So.... another boring day. Here is a picture of me, don't know why I am doing these photos tbh. Maybe for like something to look back on when I am older ;o who knows, anyways this is me...

Oh look its my bathroom
I hate the lighting in my room when its dark... My lighting does not do wonders to my face, it also makes me look way lighter than I actually am.. o.o Going to end this post there. BYE! X

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Only Me

So today I went small shopping... I bought some bronzing powder and a body + face brush from Body Shop :B And I also bought a jumper from TopShop a lavly knitted one ^_^ oh gawd I love it.
Here is me today and also this is the top btw:

Shit quality so you can't see anything in the photo ;o
But yeah! Speak soon xox

Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day Broo

Hello everyone, it is boxing day. This is me today:

RAWR. Seriously considering going to buy a snapback today :( uiafghoiahfka I know where to get cheap ones as well! And there are boxing day sales :'( I really want someone to come with me tho D: God damn it, I also need to start revising... Oh scally wag. Fuck this shit, I'll buy one another day. I also need to get that jumper I showed you below, really want to wear it for New Years Eve! Meeting up with like all my friends, its going to be dope, ait guys speak laters xox 

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas To You

Sorry I haven't wrote since Friday... LOL it doesn't seem that long ago... I have just become so obsessed with Tumblr, don't worry there is no way I'll be replacing this blog with it! This is my personal blog, my tumblr is just for photos, and the occasion tune + video. Anyway I shouldn't  need to be telling you this because you have obviously checked it out already. If not, what the hell'chu doing child?! Click away! 
So unless you live in a cave today is um... CHRISTMAS DAY :| yeah big woop. This year I have not cared about Christmas, but tbh it has been a good day! I got some good things (mainly vouchers and money and clothes... actually that was it >_<) but yeah, had a nice meal... Yeah that's about it. Personally Christmas isn't that much of a big deal to me. But I have MONEY now + £50 Body Shop gift card + £25 HMV gift card, so ima be shooooopping = an upcoming haul video hopefully. Ok so I reeeaaaally want this jumper:

I don't know why tbh, their just so cool :B And I really want like a big jumper like the ones above that I can just wear with shorts. I also badly want a snapback.... I don't care if people are saying I am trying to be someone I'm not. BITCH I can be whoever I like. Also I AM GETTING A TAN. Fake obviously ;L You know the moisturise I showed in the last haul video. They both work!! The Dove one has like a shimmery particles, so I usually wear that one when I am going out or seeing friends. The other one is just as good but more matt. I have become a lot darker! I love it <3 Ok so yeah... what else do I want... Hmm nike high tops but I have wanted them for ages. I'll go shopping soon :D Next big photo post should hopefully New Years Eve if anyone arranges anything. But I'll drop a line sometime later this week <3


Thursday, 22 December 2011

Vintage Photo Shoot

Guys prepared to be bombarded with photos... 
Ok for all of you who didn't know, today I did a photo shoot for my friend Agnese, with my friend Rose. We went to this really cute and vintage cafe called Milgi (In Cardiff), there are quite a lot of photos so bear with me, but please give me your opinion because it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys XX

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