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Ara's Weekend Gathering

Had a fucking manic weekend!
Saturday I was invited out to town with Rose, Ara, Josh and Feisal to get drunk. I met Rose and her boyfriend in town and bought some vodka and jack daniels. Met up with the boys, then Ara invited us over for a gathering at his house cos he had a free house. So me and Rose went back to her's to try get some green, but we could only get like a bud. So we headed up to Ara's and there was like 15 people there already. We just started drinking and then more people arrived, got drunkish, smoked some weed... Meh, I ended up sleeping in Ara's bed with Rose and Josh. Left the house Sunday around 12.30 headed back to Rose's with Josh then decided we wanted to go out another night. I went and picked up some sleepover shit from my house with Josh and then we met back up with Rose and walked up again to Ara's. Picked up more vodka from Josh's then watched a movie over Ara's while Arman, Rob, Nick and Arman's dad came round. Rose had to leave and then soon after we smoked shit loads of weed outside then I ended up rolling around the front porch and then falling asleep upstairs with Josh and then around 2 headed downstairs, watched some fucking random film with Ara and then went and crashed over Josh's. Got back today (Monday) at 4.30pm, fucking knackered. 
Tomorrow is Valentines Day, woop wip wop. Gunna go have some food now, chow.

Sleep sleep 
Touch da nose

Jess, Moi and Rose
Chilling on da toilet
Wat is going on with my fucking face :|
Mehehe Josh sleeping >_<

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