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Watta Week

This week has been manic.
Can't remember half of it...
Here are pictures from it... I'll tell you what I can remember of yesterday lmao
this was Wednesday I think.... We went to blackweir cos the weather was boom and then after me, Josh and Arman (the dudes on the left) went to the cinema to see SafeHouse and got home around 11.30PM

This was Thursday. I missed last two lessons and went to town with some people and then we went over  Josh's to make pancakes with Jess and Ara

 Lets begin Saturday with this photo ^^

Me and Rose <3 

Rose, Me and Jess <3 

Single shot, empty Vodka bottle and a double shot... hmmmm

Josh, Jess, Me and Rose

Me and Rose, I was so high I couldn't keep a straight face

Josh, Jess, Me and then Rose below

Rose and Me at the top and then Jess below 

So on Saturday the weather was really nice again so I phoned up a bunch of people and then around 2PM I met up with Haiyen and we went to meet Liam and then went to Josh's to buy some weed. Then me and Liam went to buy booze. Then we met up with Ara and Ieuan and then we walked to Blackweir. Met up with Rose and then went to forest to find somewhere to sit without wind. The boys made some sick fire, but gave up when they accidently set the aerosol can on fire and we were scared it would blow up so we threw it in the river. Then we smoked the weed and drank a bit then Liam and Ara left us and we met up with Jess then headed up to MacDonalds. I got extreme munches and stuffed my face with fries and shit and then we went back to Josh's and Ieuan left us. Theeeeen we left and Haiyen stayed at Josh's. Then me, Jess, Rose and Josh headed over to Rose's house and then we played some sick drinking game with the Vodka + shots. Basically it was Simon Says but like when you got it wrong you had to drink. If two people got it wrong then it would be a single shot each. If one person got it wrong then they had to have a double shot. So the once you got a few wrong you got more and more wrecked therefore got more wrong getting more wrecked. LMAO. Such a good game :') So then we finished the vodka and Liam came over. We had to leave so we walked up city road and said bye to Liam and Jess and Josh, but then Josh had some of my things. So me and Rose went back to her's and had some lush drunk heart to heart and promised we were going to get a matching tattoo :D, and Josh came over a bit later, but wasn't allowed in. So we called Ara and he said he was up in the MacDonalds by Blackweir (which is a trek away btw) but we didn't have anywhere to go, so we headed up and then met them there and Agnese was with them, whome I haven't seen in ages so I got really excited and then we left with them and then they went back to some house party while we went over Josh's. Then we drank some more, watched a movie and then fell asleep around 3AM. Lawl! Wicked day.
I have an inset day on Friday as well so fuck yes gunna get piiiiissed. Think ima buy 2 bottles of Vodka and get royally wrecked :3 Then next week is ma birthday on the Wednesday, so that Saturday I want to do some think, possibly make a space cake and then just get very drunk and very high, per usual. :D Omg loving life! If only I didn't have to give a shit about education :\ Anyways much love guys <3 

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