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Wild Child

My current MUST HAVES:

Both from Top Shop (obvs <3)

:'( I need those jeans omg. <3
You wanna see my recent buys :D

this from Urban Outfitters £28

Jumper Primark £10
Bag Urban outfitters £44 on sale for £22
Do you want to see me right this minute:

Oh god I look so tired, I've had a crazy Friday and Saturday ok? You wanna here about it OK :D

So Thursday night I slept over Rose's then Friday we tried to arrange something and I went home and washed ma hair and got ready super quick then we went into town around dunno like 2ish o_o I bought a sim card and then we went MacDonalds, tried arranging shit with people, didn't work so we went and tried on some luuuuuush clothes in topshop (including the ones I posted at the top) and that cheered us up, so then we called Rose's boyfriend (alex) and arranged for him to pick us up, we also invited Josh and met up with him and then got a lift up to Penarth, bought like 2 twenty bags went to his house with some of alex's friends, smoked them up then ended up just crashed in the living room, then me and Josh got a lift to Josh's at 3AM, managed to get into the house after half an hour of trying to wake someone up. Then we crashed. Woke up the next day got a text off Rose to head to Bute Park because people were there, so I left Josh's at 3.30pm went to my house got changed walked into town and met people (I already had a bottle of vodka so that was sorted) tried to get Josh to meet us but his phone ended up dying and I ran out of credit, so I went to go find him while everyone else went into Cooper's field. I found him and then he had a spliff left <3 So we smoked that then went to sit down, I drank like half of the vodka. Didn't get drunk at all ¬_¬ which was ok cos I had to leave at 6.30 anyways. So then I went macdonalds and ate fries on the way home. AAAAAHHH good weekend :3 ITS MY BIRTHDAY IN 3 DAYS :D :D :D BITCH GUNNA BE 17 WOOOOOO <3 Chow X

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