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Enrollment √ (Tick)

So today I had my enrollment in Cardiff and Vale College it went really well and I have my timetable and everything and I know my form tutor and also I sorted out my bus pass, ah I felt so organised! So yeah once  I finished that I went home and grabbed some money and went to go buy some Remington straighteners from Boots, so I finally finally have some straighteners! YAY! Tomorrow I'll hopefully have around £30 and I need to go buy some face wash and spot cream and heat protector, cos for one thing I need to start looking after my skin more and I also need to make sure my hair doesn't get to damaged.... I also need to dye my hair again soon dammit. Oh yeah and I also need to whiten my teeth somehow... You know how toothpaste or chewing gum say that they help bring your teeth back to their natural whiteness, I seriously think my teeth have just never been white... Cos they just stay this weird kind of borderline (not gross) pale yellow colour and it really frustrates me, but yeah I need to try and whiten them somehow. And I need to also find a job, sheesh don't get me started on all the things I need to do. OMG i need to buy college stuff aswell :'( damn I'll try and keep some money for that but I don't know what I need really... Ah well right, so yeah here is me from today :3 I'm starting to get the hang of my camera ^_^ Makes me happy....

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