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Yesterday was a busy day pheewy. I washed my hair in the morning (which takes forever - roughly 2 hours if you include blow drying -) Then I left my house around 1pm and I had to go to the post office and get some ID photos done, for enrollment day so I could get a bus pass, then I headed over Josh's and basically just watched TV all day, he decided to go meet some friends at one point so I stayed at his and watched the second Batman movie, I would say the name but I usually get the names muddled up cos they all sound the same, I think it was called The Dark Knight, anyways the one with the Joker w/e. It is sooooo good. OMG I could not get over how good it was, The Joker is brilliant fgudigjsk So yeah then he came home and we watched Beaver Falls and then at 11.45pm I walked home... in sandals. Yaay and I got home like 12.10am. woop wopp ok bye.

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