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Lil Shopping Spree

Hello Hello, ok so today I decided on doing some shopping, not clothes this time (crycry) just like hair stuff and skin stuff and stuff along those lines. Town was so packed today :'( omg it was ridiculous. But yeah anyways.... Here is me, and lets begin:

here is me tada

Wanna try and see if this actually works cos it had quite good reviews
I needed a face wash and this is two in one so witwat

love these, can't do without them

since i have straighteners now I don't wanna push my hair to the limit since i already blow dry it, and this is meant to be pretty good

Da straighteners, there amazing, my hair hasn't frizzed up yet which is a shock
 Body Shop:

ran out of shower gel and apparently lemon is good for the skin or something

needed some body lotion and this one smells fiiine mhm

its called Rainy Day and i am in love
So yeah that is all. Bye! 

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