Friday, 3 August 2012

New Camera!

Ah so today has been so crazy. I went into town around midday to go get my camera but the till system in Jessops was down so there was no way for me to pay, so I had to go home without being sure that I would get my camera today, thankfully I got a call like an hour later from a guy that worked in Jessops saying the tills were working again so I went and bought my camera yayay! Then I walked home and found Josh on my street because he came to give me a book and my umbrella, so then I arrived home and took some photos and tried stuff out and I've mainly deleted all the pictures, but I'll put what I've uploaded on to here now :)

urh there is a video aswell, but blogger is so dodgy when it comes to uploading photos, it's so hit and miss. 
So yeah tomorrow I am going to west wales with my family, so you probably won't hear from me till I get back which will be some time on Thursday but whether I'll do a post or not I am not sure yet. So yeah, and then Friday is Rose's birthday so I really hope I get the opportunity to take loads of photos, but for now good bye!

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