Thursday, 16 August 2012

Results Day

Ait so today was results day for my AS's that I took this year. I got UUU :| Yay. And Rose got DDE which even though she thinks she could of done better I am very proud of her :B cheesy moment... So yeah today we went to school and got our results and then we went back to hers drank a bit (some gross tequila beer that tasted and smelt like washing up liquid) then we went to Milgi's and ate some brownie and had some crazy strong coffee.. and now I am home and will hopefully be going out again in a bit :D So yeaaah here are so snappers.

celebratory sub (lol)

straightened my hair go me

drink drink drink

mmmmm Milgi's < 3 

Gigi wear the glasses

da love

master Rose

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