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Cat Again

So the other day, not yesterday the day before.... so Monday, my cat slept in my room and I was taking some photos of her before hand, because apparently that's what I do now. 
I had two tests today aaaaah! I think I did ok, fingers crossed, I know I got a few things wrong which bugged me, but I did revise! And I knew what I was talking about in some of the biology test... I want at least 80% in the chemistry test, its out of 20 i think, so that would be.... 16 marks? yus! And then in the biology test i don't know how much it was out of but I'm hoping more than 70%, because biology is actually a lot harder, I would explain why but I can't be arsed going into it. So today was actually really enjoyable, and I must sound so young right now, but I made a friend :') her name is Jenny and shes actually really cool lmao, her parents are scientists and she was home schooled and idk she seems awesome, and she's in my chemistry class so we can like be nerds together. Omg I am so childish lmao. But yeah. AND I have thought up a theme for my photography project, its only an idea at the moment because I have to like brainstorm loads more and make sure I have enough ideas and that I can actually go through with them. Also I went library/window shopping yesterday with Ella and I found some amazing graphic tees in the mens section of Urban Outfitters, like I must get one. FFFFF but my dad isn't giving me any money atm o_o so I have to like remind him that I need money D: I have so much I need want to buy, well I need some of it... What else... Um yeah that's it really, I have a photography trip tomorrow so I can post some of those pictures up on here! So that'll be cool, apart from that, here are photos of my cat! 

i was trying to get her out of my bag and she got angry


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