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Induction Days

So this week I had my Induction Days for Cardiff and Vale College, on the first day (Tuesday) I met my form class and we were split into groups to do a Welsh Bac activity, where we had to make a tomb for a Pharaoh, and then later on in the day present it to the rest of Year 12... So we did that and finished around 3.30pm so then I went to meet Rose because she had just come back from her first day of being in Year 13 in Cathays, so we just talked about how its so different without each other, and then I left around 5.30pm and went over Josh's for a while and then my mum got angry because I did tell her blah blah blah and then I had to rush home for 9pm so she wouldn't have a go at me, but she still had some stupid go at me, which really pissed me off because I wanted this year to be about me making my own decisions and being way more independent and she just always feels the need to take over my life, and its just added unnecessary pressure that I really can't cope with. So I really hope she backs off a bit soon :\ So then on.... Wednesday I had to go back into college for some more tutor time, and we just finished off some welsh bacc booklet for the thing we had done the day before and then my form tutor wants everyone to know each other well, so we keep doing getting to know each other activities, which are a drag. And then we learned how to use the computers and my password is SEPTEMBER just incase I forget.... and then she showed us the library for the college, and I'm not going to lie, its pretty shit. Like one thing that really bugs me is that they have tables for people to work on but there like hexagons, so its basically forcing you to sit around a table with people you don't know, but then its going to get really cramped because there are still hardly any of those tables, but I'm not really worrying about that anyways, because there's the Uni library right next to the City Road campus so I can go there whenever I want :D And the trowbridge campus probably has a way better library anyways, so when I'm up there I shouldn't have to worry either. So then I went home around 12pm and then Ella popped over a bit later so we talked a bit and then she had to go meet a friend so I said we would meet up after in town or something, so then around 4pm I went to meet her on City Road and we walked into town and I bought some folders from PAPERCHASE (my love) and I also bought some page separator things, but I need to go buy some more -_- and then we headed home and yeah! So..... its PHOTO TIME

me on Tuesday

the view from floor 8 (out of 9) of the City Road Campus Building
sorry about the shitty quality its from my phone

me on Wednesday

oooh pretty shadows


skippy bored in my room and waiting for me to take him downstairs

my timetable, if you can see it properly

chemistry folder!

i've put squared paper in it cos I figured it would come in handy with all the equations and working out  I have to do 
close up of my chemistry folder (idk why the image hasn't fully loaded :|)

my biology folder

close up 4 u

inside, lined paper this time, and I've put in the page separators already, need to buy ones for Chemistry :c
me playing wiv ma hair
Ella and Me xoxo
and this is my temporary bus pass while they are making my permenant one! Excited to see it ;o its gunna have my face on it tee hee

So yeah thats all the college related stuff really, Thursday and today I've had off because I don't start college properly till Monday, so yesterday I basically sat in my PJ's all day but then Rose begged my to come out around 6pm so I came and met her and then we talked for a while then we went to meet Ara around 7pm and we had a lil smoke in the Rec then I went home and ate loads and was asleep by 9pm.... And today I'm not sure what I'm doing, I kind of want to go into town again and buy some page separators for my folder, but then I'm going to want to buy more than that and I'm still trying to save up for shoes -_- so I have to control myself.... So yeah I'll probably just have another lazy day! Peace out guys <3 nbsp="nbsp">

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