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Photos From Phone Huge Update!

Hi guys nothing really has been happening this week. I've recently gotten ill (today) so I feel pretty crap. But!! I managed to upload all the photos from my phone onto my laptop they date back to the start of Year 11 (September 2010) so ima just upload some cool ones from ages ago and then more from this year really! So yay loads of photos coming up! 

30th January 2011 Photoshoot Thing... I think

18th February 2011 Valentines Day Meal at Spice Roots + Cinema with the girls

6th March 2011 Some huge fire

6th March 2011 Sky

7th March 2011 Hamster Escaping

13th March 2011 The Mother

13th March 2011 Crystal Hiding

14th March 2011 My Birthday (Bowling and Pizza Hut)

Same Day

16th March 2011 Blackberry Craze Begins

17th March 2011 English Club with Habbiba

18th March 2011 Crystal being a wild child

31st March 2011 Vespa Mmmm

6th September 2010 Ello Rose!  

9th September 2010 Ella and Hena

27th September 2010 Crystal sitting on my lap shock horror

3rd October 2010 Pretty sky

9th October 2010 Crystal wants to come in

16th October 2010 Munch Munch

16th October 2010 Hello Agnese :D

7th November 2010 Sunset in the library

14th November 2010 We found Skippys twin!

15th November 2010 Topshop with Ella

15th November 2010 hi

15th November 2010 its cold

15th November 2010 Winter lights are up!

22nd November 2010 We wrote our names in concrete! (still there btw ;o)

29th November 2010 French lessons with Agnese

29th Novemeber 2010 Cinemas with Ella

17th December 2010 Snow has arrived

18th December 2010 Exploring the snow

18th December 2010 Pretty!

22nd December 2010 Icicles! 

4th January 2011 Skippy in a scarf :D

8th January 2011 Crystal on my work!

22nd January 2011 Can you see the sun?

21st June 2011 Trying on summer clothes

21st June 2011 New outfit ^_^

26th June 2011 Chilling with the sun

20th July 2011 My Photography Piece

25th July 2011 Gimme that dog

31st July 2011 I have this one -_-

16th September 2011 Wig ;o

30th September 2011 Discovering Urban Outfitters 

12th November 2011 J.Cole Outfit

20th December 2011 New hair!

20th December 2011 funny mirror

11th January 2012 Cool chemistry experiment 

11th January 2012 Lolly pop

11th January 2012 LRC w/Josh

29th January 2012 Eye liner experimenting

22nd January 2012 Waiting for dentist

9th March 2012 Topshop with Rose

9th March 2012 Got these two for my birthday late on ^_^

9th March 2012 Dem jeans mmm

19th April 2012 Cool glasses Ella

19th April 2012 "studying"

24th April 2012 Scary clouds

1st May 2012 Chilling with Rose

4th May 2012 Waiting for lesson to finish so I drew

15th May 2012 Awesome clouds from Common Room

20th May 2012 Studying again

20th May 2012 Work work work

21st May 2012 Gigi 

21st May 2012 Lul

24th May 2012 Pretty sunset

25th May 2012 Olympics Concert

25th May 2012 Hi

12th June 2012 Chunky in my shoe

20th July 2012 Sky in Penarth

23rd July 2012 Blue Sky

23rd July 2012 Legs

30th July 2012 Topshop with Agnese

3rd August 2012 Adorable Kittens

14th August 2012 Skippy picking up food

1st September 2012 Drawing

5th September 2012 Top of College 

19th September 2012 Bored at break

19th September 2012 So hawt

21st September 2012 Peng sky from Joshs window

21st September 2012 So lussshh

22nd September 2012 Crystal sleeping with me

3rd March 2011 Cat

20th March 2011 Sucha pear

23rd March 2011 Agnese snapping

23rd April 2011 Crystal chilling
YAY there are so many photos its awesome ;o Ok bye.

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