Friday, 28 September 2012

Tie Dye

Phew today has been exhausting, for no reason at all. I had the morning off and went to college for Chemistry at lunch, only to find out I got 67% on my paper :c If I hadn't of messed up the two acid questions I would of got 75%! Stupid Louise... So yeah I was ridiculously tired today, so I caught a bus into town, because I finally got money off my dad and then I went to Urban Outfitters and bought the jumper I have been wanting to buy for ages, and next week I can buy the marvel tee I've been eyeing up! :D And then I need to buy like 2 beanies, some vest tops and a hoody and then I am all good on clothes... Till Christmas I'd say... Or maybe November ;') So much I need to buy ach. Anyway I've gone off topic... So yeah here and some pictures of the jumper :D

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