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Barry Shoot Fun

So I did a photoshoot with Rose today in Barry Island, and we ended up taking something around 340 photos :'( I am so tired right now. I won't upload any of the proper shoot ones, because I'd much rather show you them once they're edited etc, so I'll just show you the lil random ones from throughout the shoot that we took :)

i made her sit on a wet seat :B

she was laughing at a dogs bark :')

the squirrels were being really scary

it was just waiting for us to be close enough to pounce on


pretty view

mmmm icecream

so hungry


i was pointing at something


she was waving me goodbye from outside :B
I can't wait to show you the proper photoshoot pictures :D I should have them up sometime early next week once I edit them on Monday :) I may even have another photoshoot by then to upload as well! Yay! Till then, peaace xx

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