Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Hi, nothing really has been happening atm, I found out I can't apply for a job at Urban Outfitters till I'm 18 o_o I am distraught. So I am just gunna hand round a bunch of CV's for Christmas temp jobs and see where that leads me. I just need money so badly... I'm either gunna buy a beanie or a tee this weekend at Urban Outfitters. I have an unhealthy obsession I know, you don't need to tell me or tell others. Everyone. Knows. So yeah. I'm Corporal Grade 3 on Halo Reach, I dunno why that matters I just thought I would mention, just over a month till Halo 4 now :| Oh em gee. Haven't seen Rose in ages :'( Makes me sad. I miss her. So yeah thats kind of all I have to say. So here is me from yesterday and today. Bye!

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