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So I haven't posted in a while! The video above is from a photoshoot with Rose and Agnese that I tagged along to, which was on Thursday afternoon. Then on Sunday I did a photoshoot with Ella in Cefn Onn, but :C Half the photos deleted themselves because the SD card wasn't formatted. So I managed to restore someone them by downloading countless software onto my computer, and now the SD card is in Jessops and i'm going to see if they can get the rest of the photos. Such a piss take tho! Atleast I got some of them back and managed to show them to my photography teacher today :D And I edited them and I will show them to you know. And then Friday I should hopefully be going to Barry Island with Rose to do another photoshoot and I want to explore the Pleasure Park and take loads of awesome pics YAY! :B so yeah... and then its half term and ima just focus on catching up with all class work and make sure I understand everything... So yeah here and some photos from Thursday and the ones I edited from Sunday :)

pretty sky

le model


eating macdonalds like models should... even though we're not models (i just like to pretend we are)

photoshoot with Ella

YAY Bye! I should post around next week with the barry photoshoot photos <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

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